Your Moral Obligation

Heavy title huh?

It’s heavy shit.

What is not being fulfilled and why not? Said another way, what is our world waiting for from you and what’s holding you back?

I am insightful and I am talented. This isn’t horn tooting and it isn’t personal, it’s a mixture of my genetics, personality, culture, the opportunities I’ve been afforded and the time and place we are on this planet. Much comes easily to me and I grateful for that. But what comes with it is an intense amount of anxiety. What happens for someone when they have the impulse and resources to be of great contribution? They must. I must. You must.

I get anxious. You may not see it and I’m often not aware of it. I am confident. I take up space. I will move into, run into, explode into life with a kind of ferocity that looks like I know what I am doing. Sometimes I do.

But anxiety will take a person out. Just like grief or anger or shame or fear. One might look for release, for escape, for some kind of distraction to not have to confront these feelings. Me? I get busy. I get super involved. I rush from boredom to that which is intense, exciting, invigorating and new. But this is not what the world wants. The world wants my leadership and power and insight and compassion. The world wants me fully embodied and grounded and awake and connected.

You don’t want the me that escapes, that leaves you in your darkness because I feel useless there. You don’t want the me that rushes to take care of you, because you can’t feel your power there. You don’t want the me who pretends that I’m small and inadequate because you’ll feel like you have to pretend that you’re small and inadequate too.

What are you called to? What are you talented at? Are you a great painter or musician? Do you have insights and ideas that are profound and fresh? Do you make a mean pie or connect deeply? Do you create with your hands or your mind or your heart?

It is your moral obligation to share what you’ve got with this world.

Are you leaning into life? Are you waiting for your moment? Are you making excuses? Blaming someone else? Are you afraid that you’ll get it wrong or that you won’t be enough or someone won’t like it?

Well so am I.

And, my feet are on the ground, my ass is in the chair and I’m giving you what I’ve got.

Now it’s your turn. Give us what you’ve got. We’re begging for it. It’s your moral obligation.

I’m an Integral Master Coach™, Master Certified Coach, writer, mother & people lover. My gifts are centered around helping others to meet their calling and unleash their genius, on behalf of our shared world. Get to know me...

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