Your invoice is in the…

…Universe? Future potential?

This may be an inquiry into paying it forward…A wider view of how we charge for our work.

There are a lot of values that can arise when looking at how we charge for our work.  There are views that range from ‘we should give freely and without expectation’ all the way to ‘charge as much as you can for giving as little as you can’ accompanied by countless worldviews that support these and everything in between.

I recently comped a group of people. I led a meeting. I was happy to do it. In fact, I’ll be happy to offer these people my time in the future free of charge. I don’t always feel that way. Truly. I have no problem charging for my work. We all need to charge for our work, for our time, make a living.

But I am aware of a wider view of how to hold what we charge for. If I can spend some of my time, bring some value to a group of people who are truly up to something that I feel, quite deeply, is in line with my own values and my own yearning for what I want to see happen in our culture and for this world, well then, by helping them…my own life’s work ripples out quite quickly.

For every individual that I can support in falling deeper into their own sense of purpose, for every group that I can support in aligning their intentions and gifts for the sake of something greater, I feel my own sense of purpose fulfilled.

I imagine a future for us, for our children where we are evolving, causing change that truly deals with the crises we face as a species. When contemplating the enormity of it all, it’s easy to feel small and insignificant. But really, moment by moment each of us can be giving each other a leg up, each of us can be moving towards greater knowing, seeing, being and becoming.

So while making coin is great, there’s something about being payed in the potential of a transformed future that rocks my world. It’s the economy of ideas, talents, passion, generosity…evolution.

Damn I love my job. I want you to love yours. And your neighbour’s.

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