You’re on the brink of whole new levels of impact and expression. You need someone who can truly meet you and help get where you’re going. 

I have a range of offerings to support you in doing the work. Your inner work. Your outer work. Your best, most soul- aligned, impactful work. I’m here for leaders with visions, missions, and whispers that just won’t leave you alone. 

My focus is developmental and the change you create sticks. You’re in a transition, at a threshold or about to blast off. You want to meet this moment with courage and capacity and come out the other side with remarkable results.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    YOU & ME

    1:1 Coaching

    Need support, wisdom, capacity and strategy to boldly birth, cross or rise? I’m your person. 

  • Lead Your Self


    Lead Your Self

    What and how are you most called to Lead? This is your invitation to meet it – at your own pace.

  • The Creative Cauldron


    The Creative Cauldron

    The Creative Cauldron is the place to prioritize your art in community and bring your vision into form.

  • The Season You're In

    Self-Paced Mini Course

    The Season You're In

    Seasonality as the literal cycles we move through as part of nature and as a lens for Personal, Professional and Creative evolution. 

  • The Generosity Experiment


    The Generosity Experiment

    A free community experiment. The spell of individualism is giving way. Let’s help it along. Align with aliveness. Join us!

  • Navigating Resistance

    Self-Paced Mini Course

    Navigating Resistance

    Freedom from the Inner Saboteur. Learn how to work with and navigate resistance when it inevitably shows up!