You’re on the brink of whole new levels of impact and expression. You need someone who can truly meet you and help get where you’re going. 

I have a range of offerings to support you in doing the work. Your inner work. Your outer work. Your best, most soul- aligned, impactful work. I’m here for leaders with visions, missions, and whispers that just won’t leave you alone. 

My focus is developmental and the change you create sticks. You’re in a transition, at a threshold or about to blast off. You want to meet this moment with courage and capacity and come out the other side with remarkable results.

  • You + Me

    Coaching + Consulting

    You’re on the precipice. At a threshold. You’re seeking to uproot some old ways, move through some nefarious blocks and expand your capacities and impact in areas that deeply matter to you. And now, what’s next is calling. Need support, wisdom, capacity and strategy to boldly birth, cross or rise? I’m your person. 

    Learn how we can work together to live true to your unfolding vision, expand your impact and deepen your satisfaction.

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  • Online Learning

    Courses + Workshops

    We offer online courses and workshops that are both live and self-paced. 

    You’ll engage the inner and outer work to grow your capabilities and leave a mark for your unique contribution and expression as a leader. 

    At the heart is helping you to know, pursue and fulfill your calling and life’s work.

    Coming soon.

  • membership or ‘we’

    Community of Practice

    Leading, creating, making, growing. Fulfilling our calling doesn’t happen by accident, through one bold action or overnight.

    It’s cumulative. Cyclical. One move at a time. One practice at a time. 

    A Community of Practice with shared commitments, resources, challenges and the need for supportive connection is what we’re building. Get in on the ground floor, and co-create the foundation. 

    Coming soon.

  • 9 Month Program


    LEAD is a nine-month group coaching program for socially conscious and generous leaders committed to impact, service and growing regenerative missions. 

    This incubator-meets-cauldron-for-transformation is the place to birth new ways of being and next level bodies of work.