When Life Happens. An Interruption Of The Plan (4 week practice series)

I’m not one for having pity parties. My life is blessed and my life is full. My brother recently directed me to a quote of someone and said it reminded him of me, the last line was something like “The downside of approaching life with this open and positive ‘go for it’ attitude is that sometimes I look at the week ahead and think ‘What idiot agreed to this?'”

My commitments don’t leave room for upheaval.

One of the commitments I’ve been stoked to create for you is a four week practice series, part 1 and part 2 have gone out already. The filming of the last to videos were scheduled into a tight summer day. Then I got news of a sudden and tragic death in my family. That’s all I have to say about that for now, though a post about grief is brewing. I don’t usually write off the cuff, life updates here. But it’s thrown me. It’s also thrown my publication schedule and while it all very quickly put things in perspective, I felt it important to let you know, to not just leave today void.

So session 3 and a recap will be here for you next Monday.

And one last thing. My family is amazing. Tragedies are excruciating and the blessing of a incredible family to navigate it with is the most I could ever long for.

Much love to you all.

With Tenderness,


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