Weekly Practice: Social Media Anxiety Anyone?

This week’s practice if for anyone who get’s right effed up about engaging with social networking and how to do it in a way that feels authentic and connected.

Is it all a load of crap that we’re actually really connecting via these social media networks? There are some good arguments that this is so. More and more, people are feeling lonelier and lonelier while staring wide eyed at their Facebook feeds. But while there are certainly ways in which technology is taking us from being able to be deeply present and connected with those around us in the flesh, they are also just incredible structures to help us find one another and share who we are and what we have to offer, spreading ideas and resources and cultivating important and meaningful connections.

The trouble, as Sofia finds, is figuring out how to engage consistently with social media for the sake of her work in a way that feels warm and connected to her essence, instead of it feeling both cold and vulnerable. Ever feel that? Check out this week’s practice session video to explore further.

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If you dig the text version, here it is:

The Practice: When composing messages to put out into your social network, try imagining someone specific that they’re going out to. This person may be imaginary, but I actually find it helpful to choose someone from my life.

My person is my hilarious pal Emelia Symington Fedy. She’s a bad-ass writer and play write, a social acupuncturist who’s willing to say the shit that needs to be said. Here are the qualities your person needs to have, this is why Em is my person:

You become more YOU around them: Your essence or voice or the part of you that you most authentically want to express (and wish you had access to when you look at that empty status bar,) comes out when you’re around this person.

They are interested in you and your work: Instead of imagining this wide open space of possible criticism or indifference that you’re sending your message to, send it to this one person (but post it publicly obviously) who adores you, who believes in your work and who’s totally cheering for you.

Each time you’re ready to compose a tweet or status update, instead of imagining this vast cold sea of attention deficit peeps you have no connection to that you have to dauntingly win over, connect to the feeling  aspect of your tribe by connecting to yourself and to others in an intimate way my writing to your virtual Emelia.

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