Weekly Practice: Lettin’ Loose When Responsibility Weighs Heavy.

I admit to there being times when I just can’t drop into a flowing place, to an open and free place, when I can’t be present with what’s in front of me because the responsibilities I hold weave action lists that make the content of my thoughts a never ending mental ticker-tape.

So when Kelly asked about a practice that may help her loosen up, lighten up and engage more freely with her children, even though she feels a contracted need to adhere to all that needs doing, I heard myself call out at my laptop monitor, “Sister!!! I know your pain!”

So this week’s practice looks at how to let go a little. And it’s not by pushing away or trying to get rid of that pesky controlled and responsibility-obsessed part of the mind, but rather, it’s about giving it some structure so it can relax and let the playful side come to the fore.

Click the video image and come practice with us.

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The Practice: Spanning responsibility and play with your family- a timed game.

Engage your kid(s) in a game that makes it fun to let loose and be silly, as well as mobilize them into action- managing the need to be responsible and productive on behalf of expanding the capacity to let go and play freely.

Set a timer to go off every five minutes. For five minutes engage with free form play- (maybe pillow fights, maybe fort building, make-believe or ninjas!)

When the timer goes off, quickly (and sillily?) switch over to folding the laundry or picking up the toys. (You might be surprised by how on board your kids will be if it means that every other cycle you’re rolling around on the floor with them.)

When the timer goes off again, right back to judo chops or castles in the sky.

When the timer goes off again, gather to clean, clear, and meet what needs doing.

After 30 minutes of this, you’ll likely find that more’s gotten done and more free fun’s been had than trying to focus one or the other of these exclusively.

I hope this is useful for you and your family.




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