The “right” next business move. (Coaching for the Collective)

The “right” next business move. (Coaching for the Collective)

There’s A LOT of advice out there about how to grow and scale your business. If there’s one repeated pattern I’ve noticed with entrepreneurs when they’re at the stage of expanding from a one or two person show into building a team it’s a sense of confusion and overwhelm.

What’s the “right way” and which advice should be taken? 

Meet Erin. She’s an entrepreneur who had to scale WAY BACK in terms of the time she could spend on her business. During the first few months of the pandemic, she and her husband moved, had no child care and she was left with only a small window here and there to devote to her business.

Shockingly, not only did her business survive, it’s thriving!

Join us as we explore the very cool position she finds herself in, discovering she has a model that runs itself, while also wanting to move into what’s next + hire the right people for smart and intentional growth.

This session is one of those coaching/business jamming hybrids, which are pretty common in my work and with my clientele. 

There’s one point where I wonder, Am I giving super shitty business advice right now?
Tune in to see what I mean!

This episode highlights why one-approach-fits-all business or team advice doesn’t work and why always focusing on growth may not be the season your business is in!

Thank you, Erin! It’s always such a pleasure to connect with you. It’s so inspiring to watch you navigate all of the priorities of work and family that you’re swimming in with such intention and curiosity!

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