The juggle is real (Coaching for the Collective)

The juggle is real (Coaching for the Collective)

Time scarcity. 

What causes the experience that there’s not enough time? 

Is it simply factual, not enough hours for all the things? The responsibilities and commitments, even more intensified during particular seasons of life; the career, the family, all directions, pulling at time. 

Or is it possible that space, downtime, slower paces are too terrifying to inhabit? That when they seep in, busyness soothes us, so we fill them? 

This exploration and topic is my motha lovin’ jam. 

Meet Stephanie. She’s been in business for 14 years so she’s not new to the game of hustle and juggle. She’s established, ahead of the curve in her industry and has created a layered business model that is really taking something to take care of. Add a family to the pot, stir and bake at this pace for the next 20 years!

What do we do then, if we’ve got that ‘what’s next’ feeling? You know that feeling? There’s something else calling to us. There are whispers of a new direction or way of living or project. But how can that possibly be explored when every waking moment has been allocated?

Make space?

What if space induces panic?


Join Stephanie and me while we unravel some patterns around time scarcity, busyness, responsibilities and the longing for space.

Stephanie, thanks so much for your candor and curiosity in this session! It was fun and illuminating to navigate this terrain with you and I KNOW so many, especially those with full plates and full lives will be able to relate and hopefully find a new path forward!


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