The inner committee harshing your dreams?

Do you have a dream or project that you want to pursue but the inner committee shuts you down before you can even begin? Have we got a conversation for you!

This was such a moving session. I’m so grateful to Gloria for sharing her struggles with getting to the page to write her novel. 

After a lifetime of abandoning her own dreams and following what others deem appropriate and responsible, as well pleasing and caring for everyone but herself, it’s time to rewrite her identity and write the book. 

How does she start to listen to what matters to her and pursue that, especially as it threatens what she’s been taught is good and right? 

If you’ve lived a life where the external messages have not only been internalized, but have pressured you to show up in a particular way, we’ve got some new paths and practices for you.

Join us and learn how to leverage the external world to lovingly hold you accountable to your dreams as well as how to meet and build your inner landscape to pursue what matters to you.  

I loved the way Gloria co-created a juicy path forward. May this serve you as creatives, dreamers and sensitive souls!

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  1. Paulette says:

    The session with Gloria was truly meaningful to me. She could be my twin and her telling of her story and her challenges are very similar to what I am experiencing as a 66 year old woman on her own. I especially heard her fear of becoming a “bag lady”. I know this sounds irrational on some level. Being a woman of my generation is challenging as we were on the edge of so much radical societal change. Thank you Gloria for sharing your story and fears and dreams! And thank you Chela for sifting through and finding a practical and manageable path to follow.

  2. Dawn says:

    I really identify with Gloria’s struggle of trying to be what others expect her to be vs. being her own glorious artist.
    I’m not sure how this works, but Chela, can you give Gloria my contact info? I am also trying to write while struggling to shut down that inner committee. Perhaps Gloria and I can cheer each other on.

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