The spell of individualism is giving way.
Let’s help it along.

  • How big is your give?

    How deep is your receptive well?

    How faithfully can you allow yourself to be held?

    How fiercely will you show up for your people?

    How would you like to join me in shining light on the lie of separation?

    How big is is your give?

What happens when we lead from the most generous places within us? Free from fear, scarcity and constriction? What happens when we fully receive and let ourselves be loved, supported and championed? When we let help in?

The Generosity Experiment is for people who want to feel deeply and truly resourced. It’s for people who want to grow their connections both locally and online with folks who know that cultivating interdependent communities is where it’s at. 

It’s for people who want to operate in a relational world that transcends transactionality, finding ways to move inner and outer resources around, creating stronger bonds and resource resilience. 

This is truly an experiment. I’m putting forward several free events and ways to play.

Come for as much or as little as you like and let’s see what happens when we orient around GENEROSITY.

Let’s be generous together!



Resourced: A Workshop

Thursday, June 6 – 11:30am – 12:30pm PT


Generosity Cross-Pollination Processes

Monday, June 10 – 11:30am – 1:30pm PT

Thursday, June 27 – 9:30am – 11:30am PT


Asking + Offering Generosity Co-Working Sessions 

Wednesday, June 19,  11:00am – 1:00pm PT

Friday, June 21, 9:00am -11:00am PT

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  • We start from our most resourced state.

    We start from our most resourced state. Nothing more, nothing less.

    We touch into our dreams, our longings, our needs.

    We uncover how we love to give, gift, express and share our goods.

    We clarify what is needed to be deeply, truly, fully resourced.

    We give. We ask. We receive. We repeat. 

    We cultivate regenerative communities of power and care.

There is a pattern I’m tracking amongst human beings living within a paradigm of individualism and it’s one of scarcity. I’m surrounded by people who are fundamentally powerful and resourced, and yet, the dominant, or at least habitual, experience is that there isn’t enough. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough resources. Not enough connection. Not enough satisfaction. Not enough success. Not enough support. Not enough community. 

I can’t tell if it’s a product of being entrenched in late-stage capitalism, in economic conditions that leave so many deeply stretched while being sold on our inadequacies and the need to endlessly grow, consume, produce and get somewhere.

Or if it’s human nature, to seek, to want, to orient to insufficiency and fall into the delusion of separation. Probably both.

Something I feel deeply concerned about is how many people are stressed, stretched and burnt out, cycling in survival stress to varying degrees, chasing individual metrics and solutions when there could be a wide net of community care if we simply knew how to access it, weave it and fall back into it. 

I see people struggling to get the support they need while feeling too tapped to fully show up for others. Or they’re overgiving, excessively world-holding while unable to ask for help and deeply receive. 

I also see people who are giving generously, receiving fully, connecting and championing, stepping up and in and artfully cultivating communities of care, sharing resources and wisdom. 

I want to circle up with all of us. The weary and resourced. The struggling and the strong. The seekers and the wisdom keepers. 

I am all of these things. Sufficient, powerful and get all caught up. I wonder, when am I going to feel like I have the time and energy to commit to that water sustainability project I want to initiate in my community? When will I deepen my efforts to reconciliation and volunteerism? Where’s that time, capacity and funding going to come from while I’m raising babies and businesses, making art and trying to keep up with my emails? 

When am I going to put aside my preoccupations with my to-do list and beg my community to join me in an experiment on generosity, on behalf of cultivating resilient communities? 

Now. Now is when I’m going to beg my community to join me in an experiment about generosity on behalf of cultivating resilient communities.

Will you join me?

This is an experiment. 

A good experiment starts with some predictions…

Prediction #1:

When we give generously, without expectations of reciprocity, outside of a paradigm of transactionality and from a place of genuine capacity (no self-extraction) we will free up our lifeforce and feel more joy, confidence, grounding and belonging. 

Prediction #2:

When we become clear on what we want and need, specific and granular, we will know whom and where to ask for help, better able to recognize opportunities and create the conditions to have them met. 

Prediction #3:

When we are backed up and supported by others sharing in this experiment, when we’re in a time-bound and intentional community of practice with accountability, we will be more courageous, take risks, make bolder moves and expand our capacity to receive.

What you can expect


    • When you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an invitation to our online hub on Mighty Networks.
    • You’ll get a self-assessment about how resourced you feel, what you need, what you have to give, and what you’d love to receive. You’ll complete this at the beginning, and again at the end of the experiment, so you get to measure what happens.
    • Guided exploration and practice to help identify your most authentic expressions of generosity. The spaces and places you most want to give and the genuine amount of give you have available. You’ll explore ways to give generously and easily to your people, your community, and your spheres of influence.
    • Guided explorations and practices to clarify where you’re resourced and where you’re not, determining with great specificity what you need. Our Cross-Pollination Processes will help you find generative ways to get those wants and needs met!
    • Workshops and guided processes for networking and collaborations with others, a structure to help you give and receive with freedom, fullness and play. When you sign up and join our online hub, you’ll be able to RSVP for all these free events!
    • Co-working sessions to take action on opportunities in front of you and to execute on asking for and receiving the help you need with bravery and support.
    • For those who want to steward this experiment within their own communities, guidelines, support and resources to do that.

Join The Generosity Experiment now.

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