The place to bring your vision into form.

  • Are you tired of...

    • Not prioritizing your creativity. There is always something urgent or *gasp* practical that eclipses your best intentions. But it keeps pulling at you. 
    • Writing or making alone. It feels hard and lonely to show up for what you most want to create. It’s scary as sh*t and resistance is cruel! You’re exhausting your will trying to do the thing. 
    • Content Creation feeling like a chore. You create content (or need to!) for your work or business. But it’s a ZERO on the joy-o-meter. You’re grinding. Productivity and outcomes have squashed your wonder and awe and you can barely imagine what it would be like to feel passion, play, spaciousness and devotion. 
    • Doubting your creative genius. You’re embarking on something that feels edgy or new and you’re hearing those doubtful, unhelpful voices. Who are you to do this? You’re too old, or too young, or too (insert diminishing self-identity). Battling the confidence-eating demons is tiring and disheartening.
    • Consuming instead of Creating. You’re reading, listening, watching, taking in a filling up with inspirational content (or on those less resourced days, doomscrolling and firing off funny memes to your bestie’s DMs.) The consumption is constipating your creative flow.
    Are you a Creative who… TRY IT page

If you’re determined not to die with your brilliance hiding inside you. If you fear you’ll walk toward the light when it’s your time and hear womp womp. If you don’t want to put off what your Soul wants to create, be it big legacy work or whispers of knowing. If you can feel grief rise at the thought of not giving what’s calling the devotion it deserves, there’s something I’d love for you to try.

You’re invited to experience the Creative Cauldron for free! Join me for a full, two-hour Co-Creating Session and discover the magic and momentum that happens in a shared creative field.

Step 1: Choose a date

Step 2: Show up & Create

  • CC Try It – Chela’s Cauldron Story

    How the Creative Cauldron started

    This began as an experiment in early 2022. I wanted to write more. I’d taken on a creative project (a solo show!) not related to my work or business and it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. I was burnt out, dragging my meat suit from one to-do item to the next and needed a place to tend to my creative fire with spacious sweetness.

    Over the years, I’d practiced getting into rooms with other writers to shut up and write. The results were incredible. I knew that if I hosted a space for other creatives to show up and create, together, we would get our butts in the chair and do the things that kept getting bumped.

    This new iteration, for me, is an even deeper claim of my creative space. I shall show up four mornings per week. You’re invited to attend the ones that work for you. 

    This space has become far more than a co-working space. Magic is happening… 

The story of the Cauldron

  • “I am not exaggerating when I say: This cauldron has been a total gamechanger for me! It is what got my dust-gathering manuscript off the 'shelf' and back on track (after ten years of waiting for the right moment). It is what gave me both community, inspiration and solace during the ups and downs of getting ten chapters completed/written. It is what keeps me buoyant and connected while going over edits and gearing up to write a book proposal. It is my creative sanctuary, a pulse and rhythmic cradle for what matters so much to me, and without which, would get way too little time and attention from me. Thank you, Chela, from my whole creative heart for this cauldron."

    Miriam Mason Martineau - Integral Counselling and Coaching Services

The Creative Cauldron is an ongoing work party. It’s a container and co-created field to do the creative works that have chosen YOU to make them.


What’s included

  • Mondays thru Thursdays

    9:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific Time

    We shut down tabs, shut out the world, shut up the doubting inner critic and we create! We share what we’re working on, set intentions and call in the muse. We inspire and cheer one another on. We work, side by side, solitarily on our projects, but never alone. 

  • First Monday of the month

    9:00 – 9:45 am Pacific Time

    At the beginning of each month, we have a Monday Meet-up, dedicating the first forty-five minutes of our Co-Creating Session to share about our projects and creative intentions. These sessions support us in knowing each other and being more deeply tethered to the creative field.

  • Third Thursday of the Month

    9:00 am – 10:30 am Pacific Time

    Once per month, on the third Thursday, we meet up for Share-and-Tell feedback circles. These powerful sessions are opportunities to share our work or a creative challenge we’re facing and receive hive-mind support and encouragement. 

Join other dedicated creatives and make some sweet traction on your thing!

You’ll be delighted by the magic of collective support. Relax knowing you have the space and place to work and wrestle with your creative projects.

Ready to try a Co-Creating session for FREE?

  • Hi! I'm Chela. I'm an Integral Master Coach and Master Certified Coach. I LOVE working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners to help align your Soul’s purpose with your work in the world. I support the necessary inner work to break old patterns and create enlivening new opportunities. I've worked with hundreds of wise, committed and brilliant people to bring their gifts and genius outward, through ways of building businesses, creating offerings, making art, writing books, and growing the capacities they long for to lead their Calling. As the former President and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching Certification Program at Integral Coaching Canada, I've trained and certified hundreds of coaches worldwide. Stewarding and designing transformational change processes is my jam! I've been an entrepreneur for over 23 years and I love the challenges and opportunities that come with carving out a life and life's work that are aligned and of service. I love writing like Cookie Monster loves cookies.

    Chela Davison