The Creative Cauldron

The place to bring your vision into form.

Dedicate your focus, attention and joyful energy to life-giving creative projects.

Would you benefit from a reigniting or deepening of your creative energies?


Do you struggle to prioritize your writing or art?


Do you have something you’re passionate about creating but the busyness of life and work keep sidelining your best intentions?


Do you create content for your business or professional practice and feel stress and pressure about getting it done? Does it feel like a chore you’re cramming in?


Do you KNOW that doing your creative work with greater consistency and devotion would make a radical difference in your life and life’s work?


If you feel a resounding yes, or even a hopeful whisper, the Creative Cauldron is bubbling, hot and waiting for you to dive in. 


This is where the art that’s brewing inside you gets tended into form. No more waiting. No more self flagellation. Come and do The Thing. 

The Creative Cauldron is an ongoing work party. It’s a container and co-created field to do the creative works that have chosen YOU to make them.


We gather to create our art with these principles at heart:

  • A creative person is someone who engages in creative possibilities and activities, regardless of the outcome.
  • Creative projects have their own Souls. We are the stewards who get to bring them to life.
  • Living a Creative Life is not frivolous or selfish, it’s necessary for individual and collective healing and liberation.
  • Art needs tending. Your art chose you to make it, it needs you to choose it in return with reverent attention.
  • Consistently showing up to do creative work is difficult, AND you’ll experience traction and greater ease when you.
  • Experiencing solidarity with others who ‘get it’ builds courage and normalizes the very real challenges of trying to make something that doesn’t yet exist.
  • The Muse is not magically elusive. We can create conditions to conjure and court the Muse.
  • A Collective Creative Field can and will transform your relationship with yourself and your creative projects with ever-expanding possibilities.

Your project wants to manifest.
It is begging to be born.
Even if you don’t identify as an artist, you are a Creative Being. 

Just imagine what you could create week after week, month after month while being held in a space exclusively dedicated to your creative work.

Join the Creative Cauldron

  • CC Try It – Chela’s Cauldron Story

    How the Creative Cauldron started

    Spring 2022. I was desperate to write. I’d committed to writing a one-woman show, a wildly impractical passion project. But work, responsibilities and what the millennials call “adulting” kept getting in the way. I was burnt out, dragging my meat suit from one productivity metric to the next, self-abandonment chipping away at my creative confidence. I deeply craved a sacred place to show up consistently to write. I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it on my own. 

    In the past, I’d practiced getting into rooms with other writers to shut up and write. The results were incredible. I knew that if I hosted a space for other creatives to show up and create, together, we would get our butts in the seats and do the things that kept getting bumped.

    Over the past two years, people have finished whole-ass books, completed dissertations and Ph.D.’s launched whole new programs and bodies of work. Written poetry, fiction, sales emails and songs. Painted canvases, kitchens and inspiration across their walls. I finished and am now touring my one-woman show. We showed up. We gave and received from a shared creative field. But even more sacred than the works we’ve produced, we’re alive and devoted.   

    This space has become far more than a co-working space. Magic is happening…

Listen to the story of how the Creative Cauldron came to be, what it is, etc.

What happens in the Creative Cauldron:

The magic happens when we do our work. We make our art. We write the words. We wrestle our creative stirrings into form.

We have two places we connect with each other and our Creative Work: Zoom & Mighty Networks.

We show up on zoom. We share what we’re working on. We set intentions. We call in the muse. We do the brave and risky work of heeding the creative spirit that wants to express itself through our gifts and talents.

We inspire each other. We cheer one another on. We work, side by side, solitarily on our projects, but never alone. 

We call these sessions Co-Creating Sessions. It’s where we shut down tabs, shut out the world, shut up the doubting inner critic and we create!

At the beginning of each month, we have a Monday Meet-up, dedicating the first forty-five minutes of our Co-Creating Session to share about our projects and creative intentions. These sessions support us in knowing each other and being more deeply tethered to the creative field. 

Once per month, on the third Thursday, we meet up for Share-and-Tell feedback circles. These powerful sessions are opportunities to share our work or a creative challenge we’re facing and receive hive-mind support and encouragement. 

Join other dedicated creatives and make some sweet traction on your thing!

You’ll be delighted by the magic of collective support. Relax knowing you have the space and place to work and wrestle with your creative projects.

What’s Included:

  • Weekly Co-Creating Sessions! (Four every week!)
  • Monthly Meet-Ups to set intentions and receive creative support!
  • Monthly Retreat days to deep dive into your work and give and receive feedback!
Weekly Co-Creating Sessions (Four of them!)

Monday through Thursday from 9am – 11am Pacific, are dedicated times to show up for your creativity. (Note that for the months of July & August, this timing will be 10 am – 12 pm).

Join them all. Or commit to the days that work for your schedule, rhythm and the season you’re in. Many participants have come to just one per week. It’s not about more; it’s about having a steady place to show up with others who notice and miss you when you’re gone. 

We’ll conjure the muse and get to work. We’ll write. We’ll make. We’ll bear down and birth the darn thing.

We’ll pay no mind to the perfectionist’s opinion of what’s coming through, we’ll simply make room and get it out. It may be brilliant and burst forth like a sparkling piece of genius. It may be a flaming pile of incoherent nonsense. No matter. We’re showing up. Together.

We will gather! We will make! 

  • Mondays thru Thursdays

    9:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific Time

    (10:00am – 12:00pm in July and August)

    We shut down tabs, shut out the world, shut up the doubting inner critic and we create! We share what we’re working on, set intentions and call in the muse. We inspire and cheer one another on. We work, side by side, solitarily on our projects, but never alone. 

  • First Monday of the month

    9:00 – 9:45 am Pacific Time

    (10:00am – 10:45am in July and August)

    At the beginning of each month, we have a Monday Meet-up, dedicating the first forty-five minutes of our Co-Creating Session to share about our projects and creative intentions. These sessions support us in knowing each other and being more deeply tethered to the creative field.

  • Third Thursday of the Month

    9:00 am – 10:30 am Pacific Time

    (10:00am – 11:30am in July & August)

    Once per month, on the third Thursday, we meet up for Share-and-Tell feedback circles. These powerful sessions are opportunities to share our work or a creative challenge we’re facing and receive hive-mind support and encouragement. 

  • “I am SO grateful to have discovered you and feel so fortunate to have been a part of your Creative Caudron this fall. I'm inspired by the way you hold space, the reflections you offer, and the prompts you give. I've gotten so much out of each of the monthly meet-ups and found the retreat an incredible gift. And the other cauldron members! Everyone is so kind, supportive, and uplifting. I signed up for this group because I needed accountability support around showing up to write regularly, and that has been fantastic. What I was not expecting was how participating in this group field would connect me more deeply with my Creativity as a whole (and I do mean Creativity with a capital C; as in my ability to consciously create my life, as well as my creative projects).”

    April Beebe (writing some sexy ass shizzle)

Are you called to the Creative Cauldron?

This program is for you if…


You know the power of having a place to show up and work on your thing. While utterly perplexing and somewhat embarrassing, you just don’t get your butt in the chair as consistently as you want to when left to your own devices. Having a set day and time when you know others are showing up for their art and work helps you to do the same. 

Your creative works feels like a big, slippery fish. You’ve been trying to catch and wrangle that beast but time keeps slipping it away. It’s going to start to stink. You want help to catch, filet, fry and feast. Or if that metaphor grosses you out, maybe you want to wrangle and free that fish!

You’re tired of writing or making alone. You realize that what you’re in is largely a solo mission, and yet you want to be in a field of other creatives, nourished and supported by a shared container and experience. Willpower is an exhaustible resource. Showing up for yourself, with and when others are showing up for themselves, is regenerative.

You have to do it anyway and wish it didn’t feel like a chore. You create some kind of content (or need to!) for your work or business and you just feel so crappy about it! You want it to feel joyful or pleasurable, but it feels like a productivity grind. You’d like to make the leap into content creation actually feeling creatively satisfying and a place to express your talents and values. 

You’re embarking on something that feels edgy or new and you’re hearing those totally unhelpful voices saying things like: “Who are you to do this?” “You’re too old, or too young, or too (insert diminishing self-identity).” “If you prioritize your creativity, you won’t be able to pay your bills or feed your family and everything will fall apart and it will be all your fault and everyone will leave you and you’ll be all alone forever. Also, your art sucks.” This is normal. And those voices suck, not us. Our impulse to create is divine.

You’re determined not to die with this living inside you. You do not want to walk toward the light when it’s your time and hear womp womp. You don’t want to put off what your Soul wants to create. Maybe it feels like big, legacy work, maybe it’s just a whisper of knowing. Whatever it is, you can feel anxiety rise at the thought of not giving this the devotion it deserves.

You want to get to work. You’re not looking for a course or content to take in. You don’t want to learn about or talk about doing the work. You want to do the work. Just like the hardest part of doing yoga is getting on the mat, the hardest part of doing your creative work is getting to it. Let’s get to it! Get into the Cauldron!

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  • Hi! I'm Chela. I'm an Integral Master Coach and Master Certified Coach. I LOVE working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners to help align your Soul’s purpose with your work in the world. I support the necessary inner work to break old patterns and create enlivening new opportunities. I've worked with hundreds of wise, committed and brilliant people to bring their gifts and genius outward, through ways of building businesses, creating offerings, making art, writing books, and growing the capacities they long for to lead their Calling. As the former President and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching Certification Program at Integral Coaching Canada, I've trained and certified hundreds of coaches worldwide. Stewarding and designing transformational change processes is my jam! I've been an entrepreneur for over 23 years and I love the challenges and opportunities that come with carving out a life and life's work that are aligned and of service. I love writing like Cookie Monster loves cookies.

    Chela Davison