Taking care of #1 (Coaching for the Collective)

Taking care of #1 (Coaching for the Collective)

In our more practical moments, perhaps we know that aspiring to “have it all” is unrealistic. 

And yet, the pursuit of a thriving career, achieving new levels of impact with our gifts, all while cultivating a rich family and community life…yes please. 

Do you find yourself stretched in all the directions, really wanting to trust that ‘you’ve got this’, but know that if just one more thing gets loaded on your plate, you’re effed?

Meet Jeannine. Business owner, mother of two, expanding her capacity to meet the needs of her world while rocking her calling. 

I’ve worked with Jey one-on-one and she completed my last LEAD group coaching program. Many of the folks on Coaching for the Collective, I met for the first time when we both showed up on zoom. But Jey and I have been playing in this space for a long time together. This one was so powerful and so sweet. 

Tune in while we peel back layers, looking for the way to ensure she doesn’t abandon the emergent new projects when things heat up. What we find brings us both to tears. 

If you’re a working parent…#relatable
If you’re in a lot of ‘new’ right now and want to trust yourself to stay and meet what’s calling you higher…#relatable

Thank you, Jeanine! It’s such a deep joy and pleasure to play in this space with you. May to take sweet care of that fledging bird.


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