Take your cravin’ makin’ and shove it!

So…if you’re from around these parts, you’re probably spending several hours a week watching hockey. Time well spent even if many of us are itching to have our evening back for the stuff we’ve been neglecting to participate in this history making time.

Not being someone who watches much TV, I’m not exposed to commercials and I’ve been finding myself particularly sensitive to what I am seeing. That is, craving making.

Every message, every image, all of it are aggressive little stokes to the fire of desire. Here I am minding my own business and suddenly I want to eat a pizza, or buy a house or have a better body.

To this I say…shove it.

Here we are in this incredible consumer system where every message we get is one that aims to convince us that we’re inadequate. We’re missing something…there’s a hole…buy this and fill it. Suddenly we’re longing and craving…

With all the excruciating striving we’re doing as human beings, backed by craving for something other than what we have, steeped in feelings of inadequacy…I’d like to offer a little manifesto of enoughness.

You are enough. Right now. You don’t need any more stuff. You don’t need to be thinner or stronger or smarter or prettier. You don’t need a bigger house a louder sound system or more damn shoes!

You don’t need to prove yourself. You are worthy as you are.

You don’t need to be better than your neighbour…but it could help to get to know them.

You don’t need to pretend that everything is awesome and that you’re not in pain…getting honest shows others how to do the same.

Changing your circumstances is not going to make you crave less.

Purchasing more stuff will not fulfill you, it will make the hole bigger.

Trying to get somewhere will take you further away from the experience you’re trying to get to.

If you have needs that aren’t getting met, get to know them and starting asking for what you want.

If you need more support…build community

If you need more love…open vulnerably

If you want less stress…slow the heck down.

Bigger, better, faster, richer is not going to bring you what you’re aching for. Let us get to know what we’re aching for. Let us open around it and share it. There is something else waiting for us on the other side of the Craving Brand.

Please, let’s stop purchasing inadequacy…

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