Sufficiency. Maybe I Don’t Need To Work So Hard (part 5)

Do you ever find yourself looking out into your future and paying attention to what you don’t have yet? Maybe it’s what you don’t have in terms of stuff or status or maybe it’s what you don’t have within you that you feel you need.

When approaching our lives and working from this place, it can be an exhausting uphill climb. Over the course of this practice series, we’ve been looking at different ways to lighten and examine our relationship to effort and the ways we needlessly work harder than required. From putting too much physical effort, to depleting ourselves, to not allowing for reasonable incubation, to expending an excessive amount of energy on distorted priorities and task switching.

This week we’re looking at how to move from and have your attention on what you’ve got, rather than what’s missing. Check it out…

Practice: When approaching a task, project, action, don’t start by looking at the gap, the future or what needs doing.

Start with what you have. Check for what’s within you. What’s full, how much energy do you have, what do you have access to?

Next, feel for what you know, what you want to express, what you’re bringing forward. Notice if your attention goes out side of you, to qualities in other people or bodies of knowledge that you feel you lack. If you notice this happening, come back to what you currently have and will draw on.

Keep coming back to this place as you engage your work, settling into your sufficiency as the place to move and express from.



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