Staying Connected With Creative Entrepreneurs: Weekly Practice

Calling creative entrepreneurs…Can the implementation of the great ideas feel cumbersome? Does it get hard to stay connected to the greater vision of what you’re creating when caught in the minutia? When doing your creative work in your business, do you start to feel isolated? Ever find it hard to create a clear and solid plan and then execute on that plan and then feel anxious that you really should be able to do that?

These are some of the challenges brought forth by Janelle, an artist who’s almost making her full living from her art.

This week’s practice is something I’ve been doing for a while, initiated and inspired by a dear friend, actor and writer TJ Dawe. We gather in a room of two or more and we shut up and write.

Let’s forget about coming up with the perfect plan to quiet our anxieties about the uncertainties that come with being a creative entrepreneur and instead gather community to support one another in the momentum and creation of good work. Watch below.


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Practice: Shut The Fuck Up And Create…

This idea gets filled out here in this TEDx talk.

Gather like-minded artists together in a room and zip your lips and do your work. Depending on the art, you may not need to be quiet.

It’s important when doing this practice that everyone’s clear what you’re there for. It’s so easy to get distracted, to begin engaging about other things with one another. The point of this practice is to have a supportive container inside which to do your work. While you’re working on your own thing, you have a sense of collaboration as the presence of others creates a strong creative container.

Begin by everyone sharing briefly about what they’re working on. Set an amount of time you’re going to quietly work away (usually an hour,) and go for it. When that hour is up, do a little debrief and even share your work. If you’ve got the time, do another few rounds.

I hope this is useful for you. I may post more about this soon as I think collective create practice like this can really propel people forward, both in their own work but also in building supportive community. Really, it could be a movement.


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