Apply the Wisdom of Nature to your Life

and Life’s Work

  • About The Seasons You’re In (duplicate)

    In this course, you will explore the interdependent nature of nature and how looking to seasonality can bring heaps of wisdom, acceptance and relief.

    Through the observation and predictability of emergence, growth and life and death cycles, this course offers a refreshing paradigm through which to view yourself, your precious life and the initiatives that matter so deeply to you.

    There’s a season for everything. Quite literally, and also in how we move through the phases and cycles of our lives and projects. Life and death cycles can show us where we are, what’s needed and what’s coming.


Wield the wisdom of Nature. Co-create with your life and life’s work through the cycles and seasons that are unfolding now. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to work with seasonality, literally and metaphorically, to better understand, attune and lead your life and projects.
  • Why life and death cycles are important to track in your inner and outer work and how they can liberate you from shame and judgement when things fall apart or don’t come together as planned.
  • Which seasons the various aspects of your life are travelling through and how to adjust your approach to deeply honour yourself and leverage the season you’re in.
  • How to identify your seasonal “type” (like a personality type), uncovering your preferences and patterns and what happens when you cling to certain seasons or resist others.
  • What’s called for now in the areas of life that matter to you. Identify what’s incubating, ready to grow, ripe for harvest or needing to die away.
  • What's Included

    Session 1: Knowing The Seasons: You will be introduced to seasonality as a developmental lens, exploring your own lived relationship with life and death cycles as you will apply them to your life and initiatives.

    Session 2: Your Cyclical Life: You will investigate the Cycles of your life and the Seasons within them. Integrating the ups and downs, the coming together and falling apart, you’ll experience Seasonality as an embodied map for the territory you’ve covered and that to come.

    Sessions (with image) – Seasons
  • Sessions (with image) – Seasons

    Session 3: Seasonal Gifts & Challenges: You will explore the gifts and challenges of each of the Seasons and will have an opportunity to see which Seasons you have more comfort or affinity with as well as where you struggle, gleaning insight that will bring power and relief to navigating what’s to come.

    Session 4: The Season You’re In: Bringing the previous sessions together, you will map the areas of life that are most alive and needing your attention and identify which Season they’re travelling through. This session will offer you clarity, tools and new possibilities to co-create with life in ways that are regenerative.

The Season I was in

  • Chela’s Season’s Story

    A few years ago, I hit a wall and there was dumbfounding shame at simply meeting the edges of my capacity when I earnestly wanted to keep going.

    I’d half expected to leap that wall like a crossbar on a track, even though I could feel how bone tired I was. It came after an incredible push of productivity, of holding, of projects and programs, creative output as steady and unrelenting as the on-demand breastfeeding happening between daytime calls and nighttime sleep cycles. Talk about life sucking the literal life out of me.

    I was being run by an expectation that I shouldn’t need the rest, solitude and creative incubation that I clearly did. That I should be fueled by my love of service, not self-abandoned and burned out by it.

  • It hit me so quickly and so forcefully, I had to just stop. Exhaustion, cycling illnesses, fog, heartache. I cancelled the programs and courses I planned to run at the time, without even announcing it. I stopped publishing and producing and focused my planning toward putting things down. I stopped everything except for a few, select, one on one coaching clients

    The proverbial autumn was upon me.

    I’ve worked with so many ambitious people who have their own version of this story. In a culture that only reveres the seasons of growth and productivity (spring/summer), the seasons that call for harvest, dynamic release, death and stillness can feel like failure and something to avoid. Many heed these seasons only when they’re forced upon them through burn out, illness or disruptions.

    Chela’s Season’s Story
  • Chela’s Season’s Story

    Honestly, learning how to autumn and winter intentionally and reverently has changed everything for me. My capacity and productivity have grown so much as a result of not requiring myself to be capable and productive all the time. But resting because it makes you productive is just more of the same game. The paradigm shift is in recognizing that we aren’t machines. It’s in honouring the creative animal that you are and moving in alignment with the rhythms, seasons and expressions that are unique to you.

    The flip is also true for many. I’ve worked with lots of people who are comfortable in winter, in incubation, in imagination, but moving into action and taking dreams across finish lines feels like it’s far too much of a lift, overwhelming and exhausting.

    When you know the season you’re in, the season your projects are in, and your own personal patterns and preferences, you know what edges you’re working and what to leverage. You become someone who is truly co-creating with life itself.

Having the ability to recognize the season of autumn in my own life and personhood was so deeply helpful at this time, like something to tether me in the groundlessness. Falling apart as a sacred art. Wrapping up projects, pulling out deadlines and weeding the expectations so I could put the garden of my soul to bed for a needed winter’s rest.

Experience the power and relief of honouring the Season you’re in, AND the Season your initiatives and creative projects are passing through.

Ready to get started?

  • Hi! I'm Chela. I'm an Integral Master Coach and Master Certified Coach. I LOVE working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners to help align your Soul’s purpose with your work in the world. I support the necessary inner work to break old patterns and create enlivening new opportunities. I've worked with hundreds of wise, committed and brilliant people to bring their gifts and genius outward, through ways of building businesses, creating offerings, making art, writing books, and growing the capacities they long for to lead their Calling. As the former President and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching Certification Program at Integral Coaching Canada, I've trained and certified hundreds of coaches worldwide. Stewarding and designing transformational change processes is my jam! I've been an entrepreneur for over 23 years and I love the challenges and opportunities that come with carving out a life and life's work that are aligned and of service. I love writing like Cookie Monster loves cookies.

    Chela Davison