Saying Yes to the Call

In a recent article I wrote for, I spoke to a variety of spiritual impulses I can see are at play beneath our obsession with being beautiful in our culture.

What this has triggered in me is seeing these impulses at play beneath all that we do. When these impulses don’t get healthy expression and become cut off, the shadow self finds some other way to get expressed.

We check facebook obsessively, we smoke grass of have a beer, we gossip or watch television or otherwise distract ourselves in order to not feel the rising anxiety of ‘the call’

What is your work? What are you relentlessly putting your energy into in order to avoid doing this work? What tactics do you engage with in order to run from that which you are called to do and how can you turn that around and begin to do your art, your work, to fully come into who you are  and express that in a holy way?

For me, I get busy, or take on projects that seem exciting. I have been scaling back, pulling back and looking at if what I am taking on is truly in line with the work I am called to do here.

I am going to put a vegetable garden in my back yard and it scares the hell out of me to be honest. It will be work, I don’t really know what I am doing and I do fear that it will take a lot of my time. And yet, and yet, what a holy act! To reconnect with that aspect of my lineage as a human being, connect with the cycle of life in such a direct way. What a holy act to tend to earth and from it grow food that will feed my child, my family, my community.

How can I approach all that I do as a sacred or holy act? How do I show up fully moment by moment, when bathing, brushing my teeth, planting a garden, doing the dishes. How do I build the muscles of mindfulness?

How do I lean in and say yes, yes, yes to life?

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