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Meet Your Calling

Learn about the 4 cornerstones of a regenerative calling

Instinctive Meditation® is a way of learning and practicing meditation so that it becomes the most natural thing in the world for you – a chance to rest deeply, release tension, reclaim your love of life, and emerge refreshed. This approach to meditation is grounded in the ancient yoga tradition and in the last 50 years of scientific research on the physiology of meditation.

The secret to effortless meditation is this: you need to find practices and techniques that fit who you are!

Dr. Lorin Roche has been researching and teaching this approach since 1970 and has worked with tens of thousands of people to develop a meditation practice that helps them to thrive in their daily lives.

This 60-Minute training will provide you with a framework to discover your own nourishing meditation practices that you Love & look forward to every day.

“Decades of research and personal experience have been distilled and are generously offered as Instinctive Meditation. These teachings are life-affirming, joyous explorations of the experience of being alive. It’s truly liberating to discover my own unique pathways into a natural meditative state.”

Liz Lester

Teacher, Artist, Grandmother


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