Priorities! Maybe I Don’t Need To Work So Hard (part 4)

Make to-do list. Feel stressed and overwhelmed by to-do list. Do things on to-do list. Don’t finish to-do list because to-do list was horrendously unrealistic. Bump remaining items to tomorrow’s unrealistic to-do list.

This you? I’m designing practices around this like someone who’s got this figured out, but this is totally me. Let’s try something else shall we?

So far in our practice series, we’ve loosened our grip, calibrated our energy and incubated. Now let’s look at approaching the work before us in this week’s maybe I don’t need to work so hard. 

Practice: At the beginning of your day, review that list and instead of focusing on what you’re going to do. First, focus on what you’re not going to do. What will likely get bumped? What needs more incubation? What is a lower priority. CHOOSE. For real, choose. It’ll free you up.

Next, when you move into what you are going to do, pay conscious attention to when you’re starting it and stay in it- start to finish- without switching to other tasks. If a ‘single task’ takes more than 90 minutes, call it a project and break it down into smaller parts.

Please note that if you need this practice, it won’t be easy! You’re likely to have feelings of overwhelm or anxiety in both choosing and staying. Part of loading up and then task switching a lot is that is can be an unconscious strategy to dispel the anxiety or emotional agitation that comes with committing yourself to things.

See you next week, when we work with sufficiency versus inadequacy.



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