Powerful Completion Part 5

This is the final practice in this series and what I love about it is that it’s all about freeing up that ‘grasping for what we don’t have’ thing that many of us do. You know that beast? Look outside of ourselves for what will make us whole or complete or better in some way? Forget that.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve really been clearing the space to open to what’s next.

We’ve taken stock (week 1), reconciled (week 2) been witnessed in that (week 3) and let go (week 4).

This practice is about cultivating what qualities you want, the experience that you want to have in your future.

The practice:
Identify 2 or 3 qualities or experiences that you’d like to cultivate moving forward.

Next, see if you can identify some ways in which this quality or experience already exists for you, even if it’s in the tiniest of ways.

Through out the day, search for moments or circumstances when you are expressing this quality of having this experience, even if it’s not in the area of life you’re wanting to cultivate it.

Feel the experience of that quality is when it happens. Notice what it feels like to be you in these moments, notice what your body feels like, what emotions arise, what thoughts are streaming.

It’s in the recognition of these qualities or experiences that we can build more of it, because we’re keenly awake to what it feels like to be there.

Join me in the comments below. What are the qualities or experiences that you want to move into? What do you notice in your experience when you focus on building what’s already there instead of what’s outside of and not within you.



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