Powerful Completion Part 4

With the holidays in full force, my home looks like a festive bomb went off. I’ve found that as I’m trying to stay on top of the messes that build in my creative flurries, engaging this week’s practice has been a helpful one to sneak in there. As I’m going through boxes of decorations and cards and wrapping, I’m releasing, donating, tossing what doesn’t totally jive. As I was packing for my ski trip last night, many sweaters and coats that I’ve been hanging onto because…? Gone.

This is part 4 of a 5-week free practice called “Powerful Completion”.

So far we’ve taken stock (week 1), and we reconciled (week 2) and then we had an intimate practice with a partner on being witnessed (week 3).

This week is about letting go with a practice designed to declutter both internally and externally. Wanna play?

If possible, each time you leave the house, take with you something that doesn’t come back!

1. Pick a habit, belief, behaviour, or some emotional residue or energetic holdings that no longer serves you.

2. Choose the object that you are removing from the house.

3. When you get rid of the object, intentionally and consciously place this habit, belief, energy, etc that’s no longer serving you onto the object.

4. Remove the object from your house.

5. Exhale. While you get rid of the object, whether that’s throwing it in the trash, donating it, or giving it to someone else – exhale what it is that you’re letting go of.

6. All week, each time you leave the house, take something with you and as the physical object leaves your house you are infusing it with the intention of what it is that you want to leave your interior.

How did that feel? Tell me in the comments. I love to hear what people are letting go of.


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