Powerful Completion Part 3

Hey there, how’s your Powerful Completion practice coming along? I’ve done a funny thing while engaging this practice and that is, I started to relate to it as another thing on my to-do list! Can you relate? I do that often. What’s been helpful for me is remembering that this practice series is on behalf of my liberation. It’s to put to bed what needs to be put to bed and bring lightness for what’s next.

We can also scale how deep we dive, so if you haven’t started it because times are busy, here’s a nudge…take a deep breath and put pen to paper, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. In week 1 of our 5 week program, we took stock of what’s happened and during week 2 we started to reconcile it. 

I’m kind of over working with my lists though. This week we’re really going to get into some juicy and intimate spaces that’s intended to take what we’ve been working with in a more reflective capacity and move with it.

This week, we’re working with being witnessed. You will need a partner for this. It could be a partner, friend, family member or someone else. If you absolutely cannot find anyone as a partner, you can do this in the mirror. Check it out, this is my favourite part yet…


There are 2 parts to this practice.

Part 1: Do this part solo! Using each of your answers to last week’s question: “What do you want to be acknowledged for?”

Reflect and write on these questions:

1. The disappointment or loss I felt is…
2. The belief I am letting go of is…
3. The new belief I am growing into is…

Part 2: Get together with your partner. Give yourself time and privacy to do this work together. If you’re both doing this practice, take turns being the speaker and the witness. If your partner is just here to support you in the practice, you are the speaker and they are the witness.
The witness sits in front of the speaker, still and without distraction and is open and receptive to the speaker.

Speaker says to the witness:

1. The disappointment or loss I felt is…
2. The belief I am letting go of is…
3. The new belief I am growing into is…

After each statement, pause. Give it space. You may go through these several times for different items.

Take out the “What do I want to be acknowledged for?” list.

Speaker says to the witness:

1. What I want to be seen and acknowledged for is…Name it.
This part can be uncomfortable, you’re inviting someone to see you. Stay with it!

If your witness is also doing this practice, switch and let the other person go. Don’t debrief, you can do that afterward!

When you are done, thank each other.

Next week, we’ll be working more with belief and letting go.

Now tell me, how did it go? What was it like to be witnessed? Any shifts? Was it uncomfortable? Did both you and your witness do the practice together? What was that like? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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