PFTP: Powerful Completion Part 2

Hey, how’s the holiday season treating you? Have you had a chance to work with last week’s practice kicking off Powerful Completion? I have and I’ve got to say I’m already feeling clearer and also a little emotionally activated. You know, the hurts so good kind of looking at things? This is the thing with taking stock and reconciling what’s happened, when we turn and face some of these things it can get sticky.

But on the other side is some sweet liberation. So even though this time of year can be packed with demands, I promise you that going through this process will free you up for what you’re leaning into in 2015.

This week’s practice is really getting into the corners and cleaning out the cobwebs.

In order to work with this practice, you will need to have watched and completed Practice for the People: Powerful Completion Part 1.

Once you have completed Part 1, you should have 2 lists that you are working with:

List 1: It worked out, or you’re happy with what happened.
List 2: It didn’t work out, or you’re disappointed with what happened.

Watch for what we’re doing next.


Reflect and write on these questions for the “It Worked Out” list:

1. Of these things, or of this particular item, what was because of me?
2. What qualities, skills, or habits did I bring to make this happen or to have this experience?
3. What was because of chance or synchronicity?
4. Where was I supported by others?

You can take each of the things on your list and answer these questions or look at all of them as a whole and then work with these questions, but you want to be really specific and make sure you hit all of these points.

1.What am I grateful for? Be specific.

2.What needs acknowledgement? Or what do I want to be acknowledged for?

Reflect and write on these questions for the “It Didn’t Work Out” list:

1. What was in my control and what wasn’t?
2. What habit or behavior patterns contributed to or impacted my outcomes and experiences?
3. What beliefs do I have of myself, of others or of the world that interact with, reinforce, and/or contribute to these patterns and habits?

Next, reflect on these questions:

1. What do I need to grieve or let go of?
2. What do I want to be acknowledged for?

Next week we’ll be doing a heartfelt partner practice. If practicing with another freaks you out, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. But really, it’s going to be great.

Send this to a friend or partner. Share the love. This is a powerful tool to not only close out a year, but also to round out life transitions. Then join us in the comments below. Share how this made you feel, or drop one of your answers to help support and inspire others.


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