Passion and efficiency

The world we live in and the commonly held view of work and career is utterly confusing to me.

Cash is king and we bow before him as though the crumbs of happiness he tosses at our feet are worth more than the myriad paths in the rolling hills of destiny just beyond those palace doors.

Our collective cultural station and view is baffling. We work our asses off at jobs we dislike or even loath in order to make more money than we would doing something that we actually enjoy. But then, with our brilliant logic, we hope that one day we’ll have enough money to do what we really want to do. But consider, many of us end up spending much of that money on in-meantime-escapes-from-this-lame-ass-reality-of-working-at-something-that’s-soul-sucking.

I’m not suggesting everyone trades in security for a dream and a whim, but spending our lives unearthing what our real life’s work is, is pretty damn important. When we don’t love what we’re doing, when we don’t believe in it and aren’t connected to it, it sucks our energy. How efficient can we actually be when we’re drained by work that doesn’t matter to us? If we’re looking for a growing career, doesn’t it seem it would grow faster if you put all of yourself into it? Wouldn’t you put more of yourself into if you actually liked what you were doing?

How much of a pay cut would you be willing to take to be doing work that has you leap out of bed in the morning? If your answer ‘I wouldn’t’…have you asked yourself why?

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