Overriding your instincts? Coaching for the Collective

Can you trust your instincts? Do you make decisions and lead your work and life from that which feels aligned with what you’re called to do? Or do you find yourself overwhelmed by the noise, people pleasing or picking up what’s not yours to carry?

Meet Julia. When the pandemic struck, it became clear that the career she was embarking on wouldn’t be possible in the near future. Inspiringly, she pivoted and started her own business! Now as she builds her body of work, she’s looking to sharpen her instincts for alignment, to cut out the noise and advice of others.

This episode of Coaching for the Collective is so tender as Julia discovers that actually, her instincts for right action are right on. There’s something far more vulnerable thwarting her that I know so many people will resonate with. Tune in to find out.

Thank you, Julia, for your fullhearted dive into this process!

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