• About Navigating Resistance

    How's that Resistance?

    Are you holding yourself back?

    Do you know you’re meant for more?

    Are you in a fog or looping with uncertainty?

    Are you keeping quiet when it’s time to speak?

    Are you so flustered with busy work, you’re not getting to that important work?


    In a fit of self-recriminating frustration, do you ever think… 

    I should be over this. All that…(insert all the things you’ve tried…coaching…therapy…accountability buddies…plant medicine…boss training…social media blockers…meditating…fancy planners…colonics)…and I’m doin’ that thing…AGAIN.

Everyone faces Resistance. It’s a natural and normal part of any change process. Especially when we’re reaching for new dreams or heights.

But Resistance can be debilitating, keeping you from what you care most about. Resistance can crush your dreams, sabotage your relationships, fan the flames of your fears and tell the most horrendous stories about who you are and what you’re capable of.

Navigating Resistance is a self-paced course that takes a compassionate, nuanced and personalized approach to face and free yourself from the patterns and voices that hold you back. 

In this course, you will:

  • Explore your unique Resistance Patterning and the ways it reinforces and strengthens itself. 
  • Uncover the hidden gifts, wisdom and purpose of the Resistance characters that arise, no matter what the context, and even when it seems like they’re all bad. 
  • Understand and pinpoint the exact moments that trigger your most challenging Resistance voices, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Develop a highly personalized, in-the-moment practice to face, work with and navigate your way out of an entrenched Resistance Pattern.
  • Experience the freedom to make new moves from a sovereign place and create the changes you’re seeking with self compassion and power.
  • What's Included

    Session 1: Establish ways to engage with the material to create the most sustaining results. Resistance can be slippery. 
    Session 2: Engage in embodied practices that take you beyond the conceptual, meeting resistance in visceral, insightful and grounded ways. 
    Session 3: Dig into the nature of resistance, when and why it arises and explore how it functions as a stabilizer in the face of change.

    Session 4: Shine light on your unique and specific resistance patterns, zeroing in on what happens for you in the face of the change you’re trying to create.
    Session 5:  Create a counter-resistance practice that honours and overcomes your patterning. Pull that resistance right in close, let it whisper in your ear, heed those sweet nothings and escort it right out the front door.

    Sessions – Nav. Resistance (with image)

For better or for worse, Resistance comes with wisdom. A wisdom that, if you can learn to listen to and be in right relationship with, can illuminate a path forward that will liberate you from its constraints.

  • My own Resistance

    I’m a do-er. For years, I thought I didn’t wrestle with resistance because so many of my friends and clients shared their struggles with procrastination and distraction. But it turns out, resistance is sneaky. We ALL contend with it. My unique flavour of resistance shows up in busyness and urgency. 

    I have to keep a close eye on this trickster. When I have something I want to create or pursue that’s edgy, that requires me to grow and be courageous and vulnerable, I will unconsciously pack my schedule with other things. I’ll take on commitments and make promises to others so that it’ll seem like I’m just juggling a lot of very important things and haven’t been able to get to the one very scary thing.  

    Chela’s Resistance Story
  • Chela’s Resistance Story

    Through navigating my own resistance with a loving and compassionate view, I’ve been able to catch onto this pattern, to notice when I start saying yes to all-the-things and bumping the thing that makes me feel squeamish or small. I don’t blame myself for this patterning, but I do take responsibility for it. 

    There’s nothing wrong with me. This is a normal and natural reaction to the threat of change, the threat of the unknown. My resistance wants to keep me busy so that I prioritize what I know and what I’m good at. So that I stay safe. It’s wise. But it holds me back. By being aware of it, and building my boundaries, I have been able to pursue the brave and risky creative dreams that used to get sidelined. 

What if you could make friends with your resistance, while simultaneously dissolving its power over you?

In Navigating Resistance, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Ready to get started?

  • Hi! I'm Chela. I'm an Integral Master Coach and Master Certified Coach. I LOVE working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners to help align your Soul’s purpose with your work in the world. I support the necessary inner work to break old patterns and create enlivening new opportunities. I've worked with hundreds of wise, committed and brilliant people to bring their gifts and genius outward, through ways of building businesses, creating offerings, making art, writing books, and growing the capacities they long for to lead their Calling. As the former President and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching Certification Program at Integral Coaching Canada, I've trained and certified hundreds of coaches worldwide. Stewarding and designing transformational change processes is my jam! I've been an entrepreneur for over 23 years and I love the challenges and opportunities that come with carving out a life and life's work that are aligned and of service. I love writing like Cookie Monster loves cookies.

    Chela Davison