• Meet The Call Intro (Free Retreat)

    Align with your Soul's Calling


    What’s next for you? What are you called to put down or initiate?

    What feels in and out of alignment in your life or life’s work?

    As you lean into the emerging, unknown future, what support do you want to call in?

    What gifts and capacities will you bring to bear?

    What is yours to lead in this cycle and season of your life?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring over four days of practice together in this free mini retreat.

  • My dear fellow human (Meet The Call Retreat)

    My dear fellow human

    For over twenty years I’ve helped leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and practitioners come into deep alignment with what they’re most called to do with their lives. 

    This deep, messy, beautiful and challenging work is often about shedding outdated patterns or self-perceptions and being radically honest about who you are and what you want.  

    It’s also about knowing where to focus your energy, attention and action to gain momentum in the direction of your dreams.  

    If you’re being called to whole new levels of creativity, impact, visibility and service…

    If you’ve struggled to take aligned action on the vision that tugs at you… 

    If you’re earnestly trying to untangle your Calling from the spell of capitalism… 

    If you worry you won’t realize what you’ve come to this planet to do… 

    If you feel the trembles as you sashay beyond what’s comfortable and known…

    Then I have an invitation for you.


Identify the Calling that’s whispering your holy name. Discover what part of it needs tending for you to fully meet that Calling.

What To Expect

For four consecutive days, you’re invited to engage in inquiry and practice:

  • Allow these practices to punctuate your days, inviting a sense of inquiry, intention and inner retreat.
  • Each day will follow a theme with wisdom and teachings.  
  • Engage a morning practice you can do in less than five minutes. Prime your attention and focus for deep insight.  
  • Listen to a guided walking practice. Get away from the screen and meet the future you’re creating with intention and curiosity.
  • Digest and distill your revelations from the day’s theme and practices with Integration and Reflection.
  • Come home to your Self and your Calling.

You will receive:

  • Access to our mini-retreat materials on Mighty Networks, where you can return to these practices whenever you want.
  • Practices through guided video and audio to download for your walking practice.
  • Accompanying worksheets for reflection and integration.

Lead. Emerge. Align. Develop.

  • Hi! I'm Chela

    I’m an Integral Master Coach™ who works with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners. I help you align your Soul’s call with your work and impact in the world. I offer coaching, programs and communities of practice for you to do your inner and outer work. I’m a writer and speaker and just wrote a one-woman show that I’m obsessed with. I live on the unceded territories of the Squamish Nation in British Columbia Canada with my husband, two sons, dog and six hilarious chickens.

    Meet The Call Retreat – Introducing Chela