Maybe You Don’t Need To Work So Hard: Practice Series Part 1

Change is afoot. My new site is coming at the end of this month and you know what? I’m not stressed about it. This, people, is the FIRST website I’ve built where I’ve enjoyed the process. Spacious. Joyful. Creatively gratifying.

Much has contributed to this, including consciously working with practice around stress, effort and productivity.

Let’s explore shall we? Because what I see around right now is a world of over-worked, deeply stressed people who are exceptionally hard on themselves for not being more, better, different. 

If you can relate to this, even a little, then I wrote this for you. This is the first of a five part series looking at effort, productivity and ways to shift how we’re engaging our life and work. Here’s the goal: Less stress, better results.

Watch below to lighten your grip on getting things done.


Practice: This is a simple body based practice. Pay attention to the amount of physical effort you give to things. Like just now, I noticed that my shoulders were a bit tense and my finger pads were pounding the keys a bit. So I relaxed and lightened my touch.

Pause as you’re doing things and see if you can lighten how much effort and energy you’re physically generating and putting out to do the task. See how LITTLE physical effort you can put into something while still executing it.

Next week, we’ll take physical practice a bit deeper, explore where your energy comes from and how to stay full and nourished.




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