Making a Living vs. Making a Killing

Making a Living.

Making a Killing.

Let’s let them settle into our skin and feel what’s there when wearing them.

When someone makes a living, it’s modest, it’s what helps them live, pay the bills, feed the kids.

When someone makes a killing, it’s huge…they’re cleaning up…it’s exciting, dumbfounding…wow, that’s a lot of money! They KILLED it!

But fiscally, in terms of pure numbers, there may not actually be such a discrepancy. I see these terms being more about the act behind the result, a living not necessarily being less nor a killing being more. I am interested in the spirit of these terms, how each of these feels and the implications therein.

Making a living invites breath. You’re making…life. This feels creative, expansive, inclusive. Your money that’s coming in is made from life giving qualities and sustains and supports others.

Making a killing on the other hand…takes something (or someone) out. It finishes, closes down and extinguishes. You don’t need to be all that awake to what’s happening in the world to see the killings being made.

And for what?

I’m interested in making a living. I’m interested in spending that living in industries and on others who are also making livings. The whole of us, our communities and our planet cannot afford to make a killing any longer.

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