Lighten the load (New Coaching for the Collective)

If you’ve never had this experience, I’ll be shocked…

You have a vision for something you want to create. You care about it, deeply. You know it will make a difference. You know it’s yours to pursue. And then…you think about what it will take to actually make it happen and…rush of fear…it’s going to be so haaaaaard.

We can absolutely be simultaneously inspired, fired up and ready to rock, while anticipating the grind ahead with heavy fear. So how to lighten the load? Especially when the work is in a territory that is charged, full of challenge and grit, like racial justice.

Meet Holiday, anti-racism educator, meditation teacher and integral coach. She just completed Designing Impact, the first module of our upcoming LEAD program, which brings a special twist to this episode of Coaching for the Collective. 

Holiday generously brings forward her newly created Impact Statement and together we work it until she transforms the fear and heavy lifting into excitement and new, unexpected revelations about how to approach this world changing work. 

Join us as we peel away layers of how habitual beliefs and approaches can weigh down our visions and dreams for change. If you already have your Impact Statement, this episode will help reveal aspects of how to work with it going forward. If you don’t yet have your Impact Statement, you can sign up for this learning module here.

Holiday, your introspection, commitment, vulnerability and power are awe-inspiring. Thank you for this conversation!

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