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Calling in…

Your next expression of leadership
Your lasting legacy and impact
Your new ways of being and relating

What and how are you most called to lead?
This is your invitation to meet it.

  • A place of resonance...

    You want to bring your deepest, truest, most soul aligned gifts into the world, for the world.

    I’m here to support you in doing just that.

    LEAD is for you if (insight version)

LEAD is for you if

you feel resonance with...

  • Walking the Path of your Life's Work is about...

    …liberating your gifts, potential and genius to realize your calling and be in service to our world.

  • Being a Full Hearted Human of Wisdom...

    …Generosity, Depth, Curiosity, Purpose, Courage, Paradox, Drive, Vision, Power and Compassion.

  • Committing to Lead from your Whole Being...

    …ambitious and hungry to bring the soul of your work forth, knowing that nothing sacred has been sacrificed.

  • Growing in Ways that Honour You...

    …others and your unfolding vision, operating from a deep sense of sufficiency and sovereignty.

  • Cultivating Joyful Play and Intimacy...

    …with Life itself. Appreciating the mundane, seeking the hilarious, cultivating presence.

  • Seeking the place where you can...

    …show up in all your power and capacity, without being the one who needs to hold that space.

You’re here to make an impact.

You’re at the brink. Called to new depths, new heights. Your innovative and visionary spirit has beautiful work to do, and part of that work is redefining what success means to you, in this moment in time.

You know the impact you’re here to make isn’t going to happen by carrying forward what got you here, even though you’ve brought a ton of grit, capacity, courage and faith. There are new ways of seeing, new ways of being, new muscles to grow and moves to make and you want wise and unwavering support, reflection and encouragement as you make these leaps.

You see the world as it could be and you want to contribute to that becoming. You are so over the extractive norms of work, business and leadership. You can sense the ‘what’s next’ of your legacy or body of work emerging and you don’t want to do it alone. You need help with the parts that are nebulous, the places you don’t have maps or models for and the patterns that you haven’t been able to shake on your own.

Finding the spaces and places that can truly meet and hold you…where you don’t inadvertently end up holding it together for lack of a trustable and nuanced container is…rare. And you need it…like yesterday.

Watch the LEAD Trailer

LEAD is a 9-month group-coaching program. It’s an incubator-meets-cauldron for becoming to hold and midwife your vision for impact. Together, we meet what’s needed to truly unfurl and fulfill your calling.

This is an intentional weave of deep personal development and professional expression. It’s the place where you can align your inner and outer work to claim your life and leadership in whole and integrated ways. It’s the place where you will:

  • Embody new ways of being that are an expression of this next evolution you’ve been leaning toward.
  • Initiate and create your ‘what’s next’ vision and work. Practical, tangible outcomes and impact.
  • Honour the seasons you’re traveling through, personally, and in your work and mission.
  • Find and engage the people who are also up to brave and brilliant work, who want to gather in service of our co-evolution, individually and collectively.

LEAD is the place where all of who you are gets to come play.

The ambitious and the weary. The powerhouse and the doubting young one. The carefree spirit and the dedicated world holder. The soloist and the one aching for community. The sovereign self-agent and the heart asking for directions. The depth seeker and the one who just wants a damn break.

Here, you get to focus on traction and results while also exploring your depths, unravelling ancient patterns, putting down any need to perform or get it right, while simultaneously embodying and expressing the powerful gifts only you can bring to bear.

LEAD is where you roll up your sleeves, get to work, take action on that project or mission that’s been tugging at you. It’s where you define the success of your work from your soul’s call, not what’s been handed down in the cultural spell.

It’s also where you put shit down. Including all those expectations to have it together and hold it for others. It’s where you confront what’s been holding you back or eluding you, the long held identities that need to go so that you can be more fully, truly who you are.

You’re at the brink, on the edge. Called to deepen, leap, create and rise.

  • You're crossing the threshold...

    Transitions. New heights. Deeper call. Greater alignment. Leaning into the new, dancing in the unknown, manifesting tender and true visions, these thresholds can kick up all sorts of discomfort…

    Meet the edge (insights version)

You might just experience…

  • A resurgence of old patterns or blocks.

    You thought you’d bloody well dealt with this already. New levels of consciousness and capacity, new places where change is unfurling, can activate the long held stories and struggles that will need tending. This is not a regression. It’s your evolution. Yes, again. But in new ways.  

  • Feeling small, inadequate, wibbly/wobbly/woo.

    You might be like ‘wth’? I’m a powerhouse, where’s my courage? Where’s my grit? Why am I doubting myself in the most inane ways? Change is threatening, especially to your established identities. New heights always come with edges. Welcome to the boot shaking. I’ve got you. 

  • Expectations that feel crushing.

    The plight of the prodigy. When you’re someone who’s broken the mold, been first on the field, and ahead of their time, living through the messy in-between, the seasons of incubation, the ‘it-hasn’t-come-together-yet’ periods can feel panic-inducing. There’s a season for this. You can meet it with grace. 

  • Terror, disorientation or paralysis

    “Will it work? Am I out to lunch? I can see pieces but not the whole, I can do some of it but not all of it.” Leading into the unknown, emerging future, especially when you don’t see maps or models of it being done in a way that aligns with your values and feels authentically resonant, can stir a lot of fear and confusion. We have tools to honour and move with it. 

  • Doubting the bigness of your vision or the truth of what you want.

    Unsure if you can really trust yourself, you hit that weird place of feeling both like you’re inflating yourself and what you’re capable of, while not giving yourself credit at all. Are you making things too big so that you can play small? Is it time for small bites, or big leaps with the wind turned up? Let’s find out.

  • Outward norms zapping your mojo.

    You have much you want to bring to this next season, but hustle, coercion and burnout culture got you feelin’ like there’s no way through. You want to do this in a way that deeply honours your timing and instincts and sometimes you feel like you’re going too fast, too slow or all wrong, the messages that inundate throw you off. Let’s find your flow.   

  • Emotionally taxing ups and downs

    Unravelling the old, leaning into the new, challenging the status quo, hitting walls or roadblocks or having so much flood in fast can kick off the emotional roller coaster. Anger. Excitement. Fear. Joy. Confusion. Shame. Delight. Hope. All the things. Cultivating emotional resiliency, while also calibrating how much you ask of yourself during transitory times is the medicine. 

  • Loneliness at the top, while feeling out of your depth

    You’re the one. The buck stops with you. When you’ve ‘made it’, be it in what you’ve built or been initiated through, there’s a lot you’re holding, maintaining, and responsible for. You know what it takes to birth new work, and don’t yet know what it’ll take to realize what’s calling you now. Finding others who know and understand this territory, who can receive, reflect and be real friends along the journey is something you’re aching for it.  

  • Seasonal flux and recalibration.

    What is being called for is different than you assumed. You’re plugging away with all the weight and work of ‘summer’ but a deep and open winter is calling. Or you’re trying to dive head first into the next new things, but autumn needs to have its way with you, shedding layers of what’s here. Let us get to know and heed all of the seasonal flux you’re moving through so that you can thrive through all of it. 

You want a place you can trust to hold you in all that is unfolding, where you will be met
in all your brilliance + your edges.

  • "LEAD has been nothing less than transformation rocket fuel for me! When I joined I was at a turning point in life, knowing what I wanted and that success in moving forward was going to require a different level of inner clarity and outer action than I could muster alone. I wanted deep reflection on my ways and struggles while being held and supported by a trusted other. Yet I also wanted to do this kind of work while interacting with others who shared some of my visions and longings. As a result of the collective nature of LEAD I have had the chance for both. I have had the chance to learn new skills and explore whole new territories of professional and personal life that left alone on my own individual path of progress would have been missed."

    Lucy Rist

How the Program Works

We start with designing your personal vision for change and impact.

You will be guided through creating an intimately customized Personal Leadership Development Plan that will hold your vision for who you want to grow into as a leader, as well as the mission, project or body of work you’re focusing on for our time together.

You’ll receive personalized practices and a framework to discern the most pivotal and aligned actions needed- and you’ll be supported and cheered on while you take them!

We work together through three full seasons to establish, tend and embody what you’ve come here for: The growth edges you’re committed to and the new visions for impact you’re carrying out. 

What’s Included

3 Virtual Retreats – A seasonal deep dive over two days to dig in, do your work, receive nourishment, reflection, camaraderie, collaborative inquiry and coaching.

6 Small Group Coaching Sessions – twice per season, gather with a small group within your wider cohort for targeted, customized coaching and support. Beyond hot seat, these smaller groups enable you to receive deep reflection and tangible support with what you’re wrestling with.

9 Whole Group Live Calls – Monthly Emergent Labs are a collective gathering where we work with the themes that are emerging as you each carry out your work in the program. They’re a space of wisdom, encouragement, and practical evolution.

8 Learning Modules – Each module consists of multiple lessons and practices, designed to introduce, flesh out and integrate the work you’re doing in your Personal Leadership Development Plan, Emergent Labs and Coaching Sessions. You’ll be invited to engage with these recorded modules both individually or with others.

Personal Leadership Development Plan – This is a living, evolving document that houses your work throughout the program. It’s a place to hold your ongoing program, practices, reflections and actions.

Online Community Space on Mighty Networks, where you share, support and connect with your cohort throughout our nine months together.

*Optional* 9 Private Coaching Sessions – Choose your level of support. You can engage LEAD as a group program only, or you can enroll to receive monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions with yours truly.

  • “Working with Chela has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. That’s not just warm and fuzzy talk either...unpacking outdated patterns, understanding what gets in the way of me doing my thing, learning how I can relax more into my life, how I can support others in a sustainable way…Chela is the real deal...seriously...take this course...wow.”

    Sharon Shelton, LEAD Participant

Investment + Payment Options

  • “Working with Chela was one of the most treasured and enriching experiences I’ve had on my journey of bringing my work out into the world. She’s my doula, in that sense, providing such deep level birth support for my work in the world. Chela was able to draw to the surface experiences that were deeply embedded, and often nebulous and unarticulated in me, and bring them to consciousness in a way that made it possible for me to engage with these deep patterns and begin to transform them. She facilitates this process with such grace, wisdom, and depth of experience, too, that you know she does this work herself, and in her own life, too. I’m so grateful to know her, and know I’ll continue to be enriched by her presence in my life.”

    Karine Bell

The Power of Growing Together

If the past year has brought you even closer to what matters, revealed changes your heart is desperate for and ignited a fire that says: “It’s time”, let’s gather together and make it happen. 

This is a space that can truly hold your existential reckoning without abandoning those day to day commitments you’re carrying out. This is where you hone your gifts, refine your vision, and expand your capacity. You’re already showing up powerfully in the world. Together we’re ensuring you’re doing that in a way that feels deeply aligned and that includes your own joy and liberation. Come and put down what’s no longer yours to carry and lift off!  

We are co-creating a space of collective wisdom, where new possibilities, paths and solutions emerge to meet the challenges and opportunities coming. 

This will be a curated group where you can find your peers and next trusted wisdom council. 

Do you have existing evolutionary relationships, people who you’ve traveled with, sweat with and transcended your past selves with? Bring your people, we’ll have such a great time. (Contact us for team or group pricing for 3 or more people).

What’s in Each Module

All eight modules include several learning and practice sessions in video or audio format. They’re broken up into short pieces to make it easy to engage and progress through the learning and application.

  • Module 01

    Designing Impact

    What we cover: Here we will establish your Impact Statement, which acts and the customized container or arena that will be your focus for the duration of the program. We’ll walk through the elements of designing your Impact Statement, including clearly articulating what you want to make happen, the deepest why that’s driving your vision as well as who you ultimately need to become in order to make it so.

    How it weaves through the program: Each element of your Impact Statement will be fleshed out and applied to your Personal Leadership Development Plan and will inform what you focus on in practice and application throughout each component.

     “LEAD has been nothing less than transformation rocket fuel for me!”  — Lucy

  • Module 02

    Personal Leadership Development Plan

    What we cover: This is where you’ll establish the core elements of your inner and outer work. Starting with your Impact Statement, you’ll be supported in establishing a path, practices and exercises that aid you in realizing your ‘what’s next’ vision, while developing the capabilities you most want to embody. You’ll become aware of your Current Way of Being and create a New Way of Being that you’d like to grow into. 

    How it weaves through the program: Your Personal Leadership Development Plan will hold your work. Each module will contribute to the refinement, iteration and execution of your plan. You’ll also be sharing your plan with your small group and with me and collectively we will contribute to your development and what you’re carrying out.

    “My experience in LEAD has been life changing!” — Lisa Kilgour

  • Module 03

    Integral Perspectives

    What we cover: This module draws on the Quadrants lens from the Integral Framework, created by Ken Wilber and woven through the Integral Coaching ®  methodology, we’ll use it in a specific and targeted way to assess and advance your initiatives.

    How it weaves through the program: We’ll use it to see where you may have unknowingly focused your personal and professional development in the past, and what new areas you’d benefit from taking into account as you go forward to better advance your growth and initiatives.

    “LEAD invites each person to bring their all, and in return, this co-created space is ripe with transformative power.” — Maggy

  • Module 04

    Practices + Exercises

    What we cover: The two core elements that run through the program are inner and outer work or personal development and professional (or initiative) advancement. This module digs into creating practices and exercises that really support what you’re up to.

    How it weaves through the program: Throughout the program, you will receive coaching which will include customized practices and exercises. This module helps you to create your own, giving you exercises to come back to again and again to help you focus on the highest leverage places for fulfilling what you’re here to do. 

    “LEAD has changed my fucking life, because it’s helped me write a new story about my life, my work, what’s possible for myself as a creator.” — Karina

  • Module 05

    Change + Resistance

    What we cover: Like it or not, resistance is a natural and predictable part of creating change. Part of what’s powerful about having a coach and doing work in a group is that there is challenge and support when you start to bump up against limits, edges and long standing patterns. This module goes far beyond that. We unpack the mechanisms of resistance and then apply that analysis to your unique ways and challenges. 

    How it weaves through the program:  This module comes at a point in the program where you’ve been doing some good work, progressively making strides at realizing your Impact Statement and will have likely bumped into the more entrenched patterns you feel limited by. It’s designed to bring compassion and relief with a highly practical and supported way forward.

    “My resistance to momentum feels less daunting or overwhelming.” — Eva

  • Module 06

    Cycles + Seasons

    What we cover: No program would be complete without contemplating the nature of nature herself! We look at life, growth and death cycles through the lens of seasons and apply them to the territory you’re working within as your progress with your Impact Statement.

    How it weaves through the program: There will come a point in this program when you really gain momentum where you need it the most. Things will open up, shift, sink in, click. And with this, new visions, forms, iterations will emerge. This module will help you to locate where you are, what’s sticking, what needs to evolve.

    “If I sit and look back at everything that’s shifted for me and everything that I’ve achieved, what price could I put on that? I couldn’t.” — Lucy

  • Module 07

    Communities of Practice

    What we cover: Here we’ll investigate the ways in which interdependencies contribute to, advance or thwart what we’re up to. This is an exploration of what you need, what you have to give and how to establish containers that enable ongoing and deepening impact. Even if you’re an introvert or prefer working and living in a more solo capacity, this module is designed to help you identify how to best give, receive and co-create.

    How it weaves through the program: Throughout the program you’ll be developing relational resources, networks and communities of practice. This module explicitly anchors what you’ve been doing and gives you targeted focus to develop long-standing relationships and communities to collaborate or co-create with beyond the program.

    “Working with Chela Davison has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life.” — Sharon

  • Module 08

    Integration + Completion

    What we cover: The program invites you into depth, nuance, intimacy and an expansion of who you know yourself to be. This module is about bringing appropriate reverence to you, your journey and what you’ve accomplished. It offers formal practices to complete and integrate the work that you’ve been doing, the relationships and community you’ve developed and the container you’ve contributed to. 

    How it weaves through the program: It ties up the threads of the program so that you’re truly registering what’s transpired. It recognizes and honours your growth and development and offers an opportunity to craft your own path forward beyond our time together. It also offers a framework that can be applied across your life for healthy completion and harvesting of efforts. 

    I’m so grateful for this course. The way the videos are designed, the reflection questions and the document are seamless.” — Eva

  • You'll be invited to...

    You'll be invited to...

    • Show up fully to the process, container and your colleagues
    • Add your genius to our shared field
    • Bring your raw, whole self – needs, desires and brilliance, included
    • Laugh, play and lighten up while rooting in
    • Engage the process and practices with devotion and self-honour
    • Bring your wildest dreams and boldest visions
  • You'll be nourished by...

    You'll be nourished by...

    • A robust and brilliant container for change
    • Deep seeing, celebrating and witnessing of your gifts
    • Clarity and commitment to an aligned path
    • The company of other mission driven leaders
    • Energizing contributions to your life’s work
    • Structure that holds you and your work, while allowing for flow, freedom and creativity
    • You'll receive...

      You'll receive...

      • Accountability and support to advance your initiatives and produce outcomes that matter to you
      • A Personal Leadership Development Plan that will become the archives of where you’ve been and the map of where you’re going
      • Connection!
      • Powerful coaching that cuts through and shines light in places you most need it to fuel the fulfillment of your visions
      • Friendship, wise counsel and new collaborative potential

    My calling gets to be fulfilled when you’re fulfilling yours. Let’s do this together. 

    • “LEAD is a vessel. A place to land. A place to hold you. A place to journey to, from, and with. My work in LEAD has seen me grow in my business, in my spiritual practice, and in my ability to communicate and facilitate growth in my community. LEAD has helped me step into the physical body I want, the mental state I need, and the emotional space I crave. The work Chela and her team do through metaphor and wordscape is playful, inquisitive. and challenging. Through my work with Chela, and the LEAD community I have pushed my edges, shaped my Impact Roadmap and developed my LEADership plan. Best place to incubate, germinate, challenge, and be challenged!”

      Jenna Verhoeven

    Investment + Payment Options

    Are you called to LEAD?

    This program is for you if…

    You want to own and harness your brilliance, and grow in ways you’ve been longing for but haven’t quite been able to make happen…yet

    You have a project, business, mission or body of work you want to take to new heights. The whispers of innovation are calling you. It’s time for your next evolution. Within and without. 

    You don’t see a lot of maps or models, living embodied examples, of how you truly want to live and lead. You’re disillusioned with a lot of the tactics and assumptions out there, but also hopeful that there’s a new way. 

    You’re seeking to have an impact, to alleviate suffering and contribute to society through your work and service. You care deeply about this world and feel this is a pivotal moment to rise and lead. 

    You’re longing for fun, play, nourishment, connection and laughter. Yes, you take your life’s work seriously, and you seriously need to have a good time while doing it. 

    You’re experiencing loneliness or isolation in your leadership and desire to connect with other brilliant humans who get you, who are doing brave and world changing work. 

    Your vision for what’s next is out of your comfort zone or experience. You want to play in an emergent, collaborative space and need a high caliber container and trustable, initiated colleagues to fully relax and know you’ll be met. 

    You value and envision a future where the principle of care reorganizes the fabric of culture. You believe that extractive systems and norms around how we work need to be revolutionized so that this world works for everybody. You’re here to play your part. 

    You have worked with coaches, therapists, healers and are no stranger to dark nights of soulful reckoning. You’ve been initiated and are listening for the soul’s song and your next evolution.

    You want to collaborate and be in collective engagement without losing yourself or your own unique calling and autonomy. You sense that there’s something in the collective and collaborative spaces that will take you beyond what you could ever do on your own. You want to find out what. 

    You’re experiencing transition and expansion that’s calling for the death of some current identities…it’s exciting but uncomfortable. 

    You know that you need certain practices and support that helps you to anchor into your depths and navigate the unknown, which can be hard amidst the noise. 

    You trust that you’re held and guided by something bigger…even if you sometimes lose contact with it when the pressures and disruptions of life are heightened. 

    If you’re feeling the call, I’d love to connect with you. The world’s opening up. Let’s do our brilliant work together on the leading edge.

    What graduates have to say…

    “I love my small group, I love the larger group – so many talented, creative, wise, funny women that really helped me feel at home and know that I could be seen and heard and valued just as I was. That I didn’t have to achieve a goal or prove myself. That I could really unfold together with all of you, and that was what was so incredibly healing and what allowed me to go on the journey.”

    — Valerie Hunter

    “It feels so special to be a part of a group that ‘gets me’ and helps me to wrestle with my challenges and rise to my fullest potential. I feel seen and heard and loved for exactly who I am and honoured and encouraged to bring my unique gift to the world. Chela is so masterful at coaching and diving underneath to get to the heart of the matter. Her skillset and ability to hold space is superb. She is kindhearted, deep, laser-focused, funny funny funny, and she’s amazing at helping you bring your gifts to the world. Highly recommend the LEAD Coaching Program if you are feeling called into something deeper, something greater, something uniquely you and wish to have the support and guidance to help you along your path as you grow, stretch, and become.”
    – Jane Middlehurst

    • “It feels so special to be a part of a group that 'gets me' and helps me to wrestle with my challenges and rise to my fullest potential. I feel seen and heard and loved for exactly who I am and honoured and encouraged to bring my unique gift to the world. Chela is so masterful at coaching and diving underneath to get to the heart of the matter. Her skillset and ability to hold space is superb. She is kindhearted, deep, laser-focused, funny funny funny, and she's amazing at helping you bring your gifts to the world. Highly recommend the LEAD Coaching Program if you are feeling called into something deeper, something greater, something uniquely you and wish to have the support and guidance to help you along your path as you grow, stretch, and become.”

      — Vie DavisSales Coach, Speaker, Facilitator
    • “I had high expectations and they have been far exceeded. Content delivery is as I thought but Chela's delivery style, combined with Bonnie's seamless organisation and support has meant that I feel really sound and safe to explore and do the work.”

      — Phoebe MaroulisFinancial Counselor


    We’re calling in a group of 25. What’s most important is that the people are the right fit for the program and that the program is right for the people. We need a minimum of 12 to run the program.
    Yes! Not all small group coaching sessions are with the same group each time, but you’ll certainly get to journey together and work together in this way. If you have people who are in your network, inner circle or on your team who want to embark on a powerful journey of clarity, alignment and velocity with, join! Contact us at support@cheladavison.com for group pricing.
    This program is designed and intended for people who have deep and nuanced relationships with their own personal development and practice and have established work and leadership expressions with a vision for what’s next. If you’re used to doing a lot of meeting and holding and contributing to others and are concerned that you’ll be the only one at that caliber in this group, that won’t be the case. This program attracts people from various countries, ages, ethnicities, and professional experience, which contributes to a wise and powerful group space. What is required is a high degree of personal responsibility, heart and commitment to a shared field that is generative for all. This is a high-caliber collective. And if you have others that you know you’d love to do a deep dive with, bring them!
    We will be gathering for content and community on Mighty Networks. We will NOT have a Facebook group. Mighty Networks offers an app that you can download on your phone if that's preferable to a computer where you can check in when you like.
    There are many components of this program that are live: Seasonal virtual retreats, Collective Emergent Labs, Small Group Coaching and 1:1 Coaching (if you choose that option). If you’re looking for something totally self-paced, or don’t want to attend live sessions, this isn’t the program for you. So much of what unfolds, where the magic happens, is in these live spaces. That said, there will be recordings of the live sessions if you have to miss some.All live engagement happens on Wednesdays or Thursdays. If you need the final calendar of sessions and events, please indicate that in your application.
    That’s the plan. This nine month program is scheduled to be offered once per year. If you miss this one, the next opportunity will be September 2022 If you want to be notified of future offerings or other opportunities to work together, subscribe to my mailing list: https://cheladavison.com/
    All Learning Modules are pre-recorded and will have suggested and flexible timeframes to complete them. The following are live and hosted on Zoom: Seasonal Virtual Retreats, Collective Emergent Labs, Small Group Coaching and 1-on-1 Coaching (if applicable). Components of the Collective Emergent Labs will be recorded, to re-watch and reference, however small group breakout exercises that occur will not be. Coaching Sessions will be recorded.
    Yes. We have both printable and fillable worksheets to accompany the 8 modules. Your Personal Leadership Development Plan will live in an iterating google doc, which you can print as well.
    There are two options for levels of coaching support and engagement: Group Program only, which includes 6 Group Coaching Sessions Group Program + 1:1 Coaching, which includes 6 Group Coaching Sessions and 9 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Chela Additionally, the other live sessions (Seasonal Virtual Retreats and Collective Emergent Labs) have opportunities to receive coaching throughout. They are live, dynamic engagement calls (versus lectures or webinars).
    Our wonderful program host, Bonnie, will be available for all customer support and needs related to registration and payment, platform navigation, technology and scheduling. You will be given a process and guidelines for navigating challenges you may experience along the way so that you know where to go and how to access what you need. 1-on-1 coaching or developmental support with Chela is not available beyond the specified sessions offered and registered for.
    Yes! We ask for an initial deposit of 10% of the tuition fee. The remaining balance can be distributed over 9 months. Register by our Preferred Registration Date of July 31, 2021 for a 12 month payment plan. If you do have the means to pay-in-full, 10% of your tuition will be applied to the scholarship for a fellow participant.
    Deposit is nonrefundable. If you withdraw from the program before it begins, you’ll receive a refund for any fees paid, less the deposit. Once the program begins, there are no refunds.
    Yes. We are offering $20,000 in full and partial scholarships to Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Colour and single mothers. We highly encourage you to apply if you’re working with and contributing to vulnerable and marginalized people on issues of social or environmental justice, but that focus for your work and leadership is not a requirement for scholarship eligibility. Applications for scholarships will be accepted until July 31, 2021. To apply for a scholarship, please visit: https://cheladavison.com/lead-scholarship/
    You can expect to invest 2 - 5 hours per week. There will be weeks that are more intensive and others that are lighter. This estimate includes our live time together in various forms as well as your individual work and practice. This does not include the projects or initiatives you decide to take on as a part of your impact focus and those scales are totally up to you and variable. Note that Seasonal Virtual Retreats span over two days and happen 3 times, these are the fullest in terms of time commitment per week.
    Yes. Share where you’re at in the application form and we’ll determine the right fit together. Embodiment and potential – we all have great potential, but embodiment takes time to develop. If you know you’re on a path to bringing forward your greatest work, but you might be closer to the beginning of it, you’re still welcome to apply. Diversity of experience, context and time on the path make for a rich space. Besides, maybe if you’re so used to holding different perspectives, visioning and doing your work, you don’t fully see your own greatness.
    If you are curious and have more questions about LEAD, please don't hesitate to email us here: support@cheladavison.com