Calling in…

Expanded Capacity

Enlivening Opportunities

Next level Impact & Body of Work

Powerfully Embodied New Ways of Being

What and how are you most called to lead?
This is your invitation to meet it.

  • Cultivate Coherence...

    You want to bring your deepest, truest, most soul-aligned gifts to the world.

    This is the place to dig in and bring your vision to life.

    LEAD is for you if (insight version)

Is LEAD for you?

you feel resonance with…

  • You care deeply about making a difference.

    You want to liberate your gifts, potential and genius to realize your Calling and be in service to our world.

  • You have an established business, professional practice or body of work.

    You have sovereignty over your role and focus and want to take it to the next level.

  • You have a new vision you want to bring into form.

    A project is pulling at you and you want some masterminding, accountability and support in making it happen.

  • You want to lead from your Whole Being.

    It’s important to honour all facets of your being, knowing nothing sacred has been sacrificed.

  • You're bravely meeting new growth edges.

    Doing your inner work refines and expands your outer work. You’re ready to lean into new growth with compassionate curiosity.

  • You're calling in the right support.

    You want some steady banks to the river so you can show up in all your power and capacity.

  • "LEAD is a work of art and science, created and delivered thoughtfully and pragmatically with Chela's special flavor. She is a masterful coach and facilitator; so smart, funny, compassionate, and insightful in her guidance, she surely makes everyone feel at home. The course attracts a mix of extremely talented and committed people, many of whom have been doing their healing and development work, and are now ready to make leaps in their evolution into new ways of being. Chela, and the community, have helped me to remember the light for my path, my capacity to deliver on a big vision and helped me generate new practices for leading from the place of most nourishment for me and the groups I move with."

You’re here to make your mark.

You’re at the brink. Called to new depths, new heights. Your visionary spirit has beautiful work to do, and part of that work is defining what success and fulfillment mean to you, in this moment in time.

You know the impact you’re here to make isn’t going to happen by carrying forward what got you here. Not because what got you here isn’t great! Are you kidding?! you’re awesome. We know this. The brilliance, grit and unique you-ness that got you here need a dash of expanded capacity as you cross the great unknown of this next threshold. The risky dream, the new works on the horizon, the shored-up systems and support that your Soul’s nudging you to pursue.

There are new ways of being calling you forth, new muscles to grow, and moves to make. You want wise and unwavering support, to help to see what’s out of your view, with reflection and encouragement to take practical steps and glorious new leaps.

You see the world as it could be and you want to contribute to that becoming. You are so over the extractive norms of work, business and leadership. You want to experience delight, creative satisfaction, and a deep knowing that what you’re putting into the world is aligned with who you are and the difference you’re here to make.

You can sense the ‘what’s next’ of your legacy or body of work emerging and you don’t want to do it alone. You need help with the nebulous parts, the places you don’t have maps or models for, and the patterns you haven’t been able to shake on your own.

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LEAD is a 9-month Group-Coaching Program. It’s an incubator-meets-cauldron for becoming to hold and midwife your vision for what’s next.

This is an intentional weave of deep personal development and professional evolution. It’s the place where you can align your inner and outer work to bring your vision into form in whole and integrated ways. It’s the place where you will:

    • Embody a New Way of Being that’s an expression of this next evolution you’ve been leaning toward.
    • Initiate and execute your ‘what’s next’ vision and work. Practical, tangible outcomes and impact.
    • Leverage your gifts while growing in ways you’re nervous about- but know is needed.
    • Engage with others who want to give and receive in a potent field of generosity, insight and camaraderie.

    LEAD is the place where all of who you are gets to come to play. 

    The ambitious + the weary. The powerhouse + the doubtful. The carefree spirit + the dedicated world-holder. The established wise one + the brave beginner. The conditioned. The wild. The pieces. The whole.

    Here, you get to focus on traction and results while you explore your depths. Unravel ancient patterns with radical self-appreciation while embodying and expressing the powerful gifts only you can bring to bear.

    LEAD is where you roll up your sleeves, get to work, take action on that project or mission that’s been tugging at you. It’s where you define the success of your work from your Soul’s Call, not what’s been handed down in the cultural spell.

    It’s also where you put sh*t down. Make room for what’s on the horizon! You’ll address the blocks and challenges that you’re SO over but haven’t unhooked from yet. The internalized expectations of who and how you should be. The projects or commitments that have lost their meaning, you’ve outgrown or deep down you know they’re just not yours to do.  Here’s where you confront what’s been holding you back or eluding you, the long-held identities that need to go so that you can be more fully, truly who you are and do what you know is yours to do. 

    You’re on the brink, at the edge. Called to deepen, leap, create and rise.

    • You're crossing the threshold...

      Transitions. New heights. Deeper call. Greater alignment. Leaning into the new, dancing in the unknown, manifesting tender and true visions, these thresholds can kick up all sorts of discomfort…

      Meet the edge (insights version)

    At new edges, you might experience…

    • A resurgence of old patterns or blocks.

      You thought you’d bloody well dealt with this already. New levels of consciousness and capacity, new places where change is unfurling, can activate the long-held stories and struggles that will need tending. Precipices are when our patterns can feel the most hijacking. This is not a regression. It’s your evolution. Yes, again. But in new ways.

    • Feeling small, scared or avoidant.

      The edgy tasks roll off the side of your desk. You get all up in your head. You doubt yourself in ways that feel young while trying to pep-talk yourself back to your power. It’s far safer to lean on your expertise. Change is threatening, especially to your established identities. New heights always come with edges. Welcome to the boot-shaking. I’ve got you.

    • Impatience or expectations that feel crushing.

      When you’re someone who’s established and knows their stuff, innovating and living through the messy in-between, the ‘it-hasn’t-come-together-yet’ periods can feel panic-inducing. The unknowns of meeting a new vision can feel too slow, kick up perfectionism or a sense that you need to get it right.  There’s a season for this. You can meet it with grace. 

    • Terror, disorientation or paralysis.

      “Will it work? Am I out to lunch? I can see pieces but not the whole, I can do some of it but not all of it.” Leading into the unknown, emerging future, especially when you don’t see maps or models of it being done in a way that aligns with your values and feels authentically resonant, can stir a lot of fear and confusion. We have tools to honour and move with it. 

    • Doubting the bigness of your vision or the truth of what you want.

      Unsure if you can really trust yourself, you hit that weird place of feeling both like you’re inflating yourself and what you’re capable of, while not giving yourself credit at all. Are you making things too big so that you can play small? Is it time for small bites, or big leaps with the wind turned up? Let’s find out.

    • Outward norms zapping your mojo.

      You have much you want to bring to this next season, but hustle, coercion and burnout culture got you feelin’ like there’s no way through. You want to do this in a way that deeply honours your timing and instincts and sometimes you feel like you’re going too fast, too slow or all wrong, the messages that inundate throw you off. Let’s find your flow.   

    • Emotionally taxing ups and downs.

      Unravelling the old, leaning into the new, challenging the status quo, hitting walls or roadblocks or having so much flood in fast can kick off the emotional roller coaster. Anger. Excitement. Fear. Joy. Confusion. Shame. Delight. Hope. All the things. Cultivating emotional resiliency, while also calibrating how much you ask of yourself during transitory times is the medicine. 

    • Fear of success or momentum.

      You’re the one. The buck stops with you. If things start to really take off, can you handle it? You know what it takes to birth new work, and don’t yet know what it’ll take to realize what’s calling you now. You can feel ways you’re holding back or sabotaging your efforts to stay in control. You don’t want to burn out. You need this to be sustainable. Work that is regenerative is the lens through which we set the scale. 

    • Loneliness and disorientation.

      You feel more sane when connecting with people who get it. You want help seeing what’s out of your view. You also want brainstorming, feedback and resources for how to shape and execute this next vision. Finding others who know and understand this territory, who can receive, reflect and be real friends along the journey is something you’re aching for it. Let’s gather with other wisdom holders. 



    You want a place you can trust to hold you in all that is unfolding, where you will be met
    in all your brilliance + your edges.

    • "LEAD has been nothing less than transformation rocket fuel for me! When I joined I was at a turning point in life, knowing what I wanted and that success in moving forward was going to require a different level of inner clarity and outer action than I could muster alone. I wanted deep reflection on my ways and struggles while being held and supported by a trusted other. Yet I also wanted to do this kind of work while interacting with others who shared some of my visions and longings. As a result of the collective nature of LEAD I have had the chance for both. I have had the chance to learn new skills and explore whole new territories of professional and personal life that left alone on my own individual path of progress would have been missed."

      Lucy Rist
    • "This sounds corny, but Chela is an artist in her work. A craftswoman. She has a way of creating content and holding space that opens, moves, invites. Her work has substance and depth (I’m allergic to fluff) and is also 100% guided by heart and soul. I feel like I’m becoming my own old wise woman, led back to the truth of my dreams and the power of what I already know. I was skeptical that I needed this program, but now I feel changed."

      Christa Gardner, Writer

    How the Program Works

    We start with designing your personal vision for change and impact. 

    We have 9 glorious months together. It can be sweet to think of this as 3 Seasons. Throughout these 3 Seasons, you will engage with Module content and exercises to support you in creating and executing a deeply personalized plan and practice set for the evolution of you and your life’s work. Monthly live group calls as well as Small Group and 1:1 Coaching support you to carry out the work you’re here to do.

    Season 1 (Oct-Dec): We kick off in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and this is a great time to take stock, look at what you’re shedding, moving out of and letting go to make room for what you truly want. This first Season is all about establishing your vision for change and impact, identifying the areas you want to personally expand and grow and the highest leverage places to focus to get the results you’re seeking.

    Season 2 (Jan-March): This is where you get to be in the thick of it. The messy middle. Old patterns and blocks are making their final cries while you meet them with bravery. You’re supported in taking on practices that grow what’s most essential to build what you’ve set your sights on. You make progress. You have setbacks. You hold your seat, stay in, have exceptional support and see the dreams you hoped were possible start to come to life.

    Season 3 (April-June): At this point in the program, you’ll “turn the corner”. The inner and outer work bears fruit. Plans become results. What was once wobbly becomes embodied. Your relationships with others in the program are established, trusted pillars of support and encouragement. You have more capacity to give and receive and get the deep, reverent satisfaction of seeing how far you’ve come- both in your inner work and what you’ve set out to accomplish in the world and your work.

    FINAL SHOWCASE: New this year! Oh, I am so excited about this. Here’s a simple truth: Deadlines help make manifest. Being part of something bigger than us, and needing to show up for it can help bring forth our best work when the small and fearful parts want to hide. The people who are drawn to this work, who thrive in this program are bright and dedicated and generous. Sometimes it’s far easier to champion other people’s work than our own. Our final showcase is meant to show you off! I will be sharing widely and proudly with my community. You will be celebrated by your colleagues, shouting your praises from the rooftops and have the opportunity to do the same for them. Everyone is elevated and we all rise. 

    We begin October 2, 2023. Our first Live Call is Tuesday, October 10.

    Registration for the program is by application. 12 spaces are available.

    What’s Included

    • 9 Learning Modules & Worksheets

      9 Learning Modules & Worksheets

      LEAD’s river banks. Each Module contains 3 – 5 lessons in audio or video format.  Adventure progressively into your inner work while pointing your compass of action True North.  Modules are braided strategically with our Live Labs and Coaching Sessions to offer a robust environment to learn, connect, grow and execute. 

    • Personal Leadership Development Plan

      Personal Leadership Development Plan

      A living, evolving document that houses your work throughout the program. Your PLDP is elegantly designed to hold your work through the process. I read and review it before every coaching session. You will receive feedback and reflection that will radically advance what you’re developing – within your capacities and out in the world.

    • Online Community on Mighty Networks

      Online Community on Mighty Networks

      Our Online Community Space is hosted on Mighty Networks and contains all module content, documents and resources. It’s where we connect between live sessions with guided and spontaneous discussion and accountability. All events you can connect with your digital calendar to help keep you organized, on track and in flow.

    • Monthly Collective Emergent Lab

      Monthly Collective Emergent Lab

      Every month we gather for a 2-hour live call. Mastermind meets Community of Practice. We work with the themes that are emerging as you each carry out your work in the program. These labs are a space of wisdom, play encouragement and practical evolution. The focus of these calls is based on what’s most alive, salient and needed amongst the group. 

    • Small Group Coaching

      Small Group Coaching

      Twice per Season, 2-hours, Small Groups of 4-5 people. Receive targeted, customized coaching and support that meets you right where you are in the program. Witnessing others being coached provides valuable insight and possibilities for your own growth and initiatives. Groups rotate so you can both cultivate connection and intimacy with others while experiencing variety and range. 

    • 1:1 Coaching with Chela

      1:1 Coaching with Chela

      Each Season you’ll receive 1 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Chela (me! I wrote this! I can’t wait to connect with you in this space!) Combined with Small Group Coaching, this means you’re participating in a deep dive Coaching Session every month. 1:1 Sessions are powerful catalysts for the deep and brave work you’re doing and are scheduled strategically to offer intimate, targeted support when you need it.

    • “Working with Chela has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. That’s not just warm and fuzzy talk either...unpacking outdated patterns, understanding what gets in the way of me doing my thing, learning how I can relax more into my life, how I can support others in a sustainable way…Chela is the real deal...seriously...take this”

      Sharon Shelton, Coach + Meditation Teacher
    • “I am often wary of personal development programs so when I found Chela's work I was curious but hesitant. In working with Chela I have found her pace, attentiveness to developmental process, and intuitive sense to be refreshing and relieving. She has a way of being present for change without any pushing-- and this is actually what makes long-term shifts so likely in working with her... She's also just so damn delightful.”

      Kathryn Holt, Author + Therapist

    Feeling the Call?

    • “Working with Chela was one of the most treasured and enriching experiences I’ve had on my journey of bringing my work out into the world. She’s my doula, in that sense, providing such deep level birth support for my work in the world. Chela was able to draw to the surface experiences that were deeply embedded, and often nebulous and unarticulated in me, and bring them to consciousness in a way that made it possible for me to engage with these deep patterns and begin to transform them. She facilitates this process with such grace, wisdom, and depth of experience, too, that you know she does this work herself, and in her own life, too. I’m so grateful to know her, and know I’ll continue to be enriched by her presence in my life.”

    • "I entered this program in a lost soul kind of moment. Tired momma. Low on hope, nourishment and support. Kinda sorta ready to pick myself up and get back in the game. I had no idea what was in store for me. Layers of awareness of patterns unfurled organically, things began to change with attention and effort and, well, even a bit of lack of effort, all held and ushered along in a magical container with loving and supportive friends. Clarity and energy emerged. I feel renewed. Focused. Excited. Hopeful again. On my path. Back to me. My heart, my family, my work, we all thank you Chela. You're the best coach there is."

      Nicole Fegley, Integral Master Coach

    The Power of Growing Together

    If the disruptions and uncertainty of the past few years have brought you even closer to what matters, revealed changes your heart is desperate for and ignited a fire that says: “It’s time”, let’s gather together and make it happen. 

    This is a space that can truly hold your existential reckoning without abandoning those day to day commitments you’re carrying out. This is where you hone your gifts, refine your vision, and expand your capacity. You’re already showing up powerfully in the world. Together we’re ensuring you’re doing that in a way that feels deeply aligned and that includes your own joy and liberation. Come and put down what’s no longer yours to carry and lift off!  

    We are co-creating a space of collective wisdom, where new possibilities, paths and solutions emerge to meet the challenges and opportunities coming. Where you can take your projects or mission to breakthrough levels.

    This will be a curated group where you can find your peers and next trusted wisdom council. Maximum 12 people. 

    What's in Each Module


    • What's in Each Module

      Designing Impact

      MODULE 01

      You’ll begin by establishing your Impact Statement, your beacon of focus throughout the program.  You will define what impact means to you, and what your whole being is most lit up about accomplishing over these 9 months. You’ll clearly articulate what you want to make happen, the deepest why driving your vision and the growth edges you need to meet in order to make it so.

    • Ways of Being

      MODULE 02

      Core to the Integral Coaching® methodology is an elegant process ushering you from a Current Way of Being to a New Way of Being. You will identify the core themes and conditions guiding your worldview and how they influence your habits, behaviours, patterns and interpretations. Through metaphor, introspection, intuition and rigour, you will craft a new story for how you most want to be living. This Way of Being, when fully embodied, will be the truest version of your freest Self.

      What's in Each Module
    • What's in Each Module

      Personal Leadership Development Plan

      MODULE 03

      This is where you establish the core elements of your inner and outer work. You’ll be supported to establish a path, practices and exercises that aid you in realizing your ‘what’s next’ vision, while you develop the capabilities you most want to embody. You’ll map the initial actions that will propel you forward and you’ll take them!

    • Integral Perspectives

      MODULE 04

      Drawing on the Quadrants lens from the Integral Framework, created by Ken Wilber and woven through the Integral Coaching®  methodology. We explore four crucial perspectives to assess and advance your initiatives so that you approach your work in whole and integrated ways. You’ll learn about your preferences and biases and how they may impact your approach to pursuing and realizing your initiatives, freeing you up to pull the highest leverage levers to get where you’re going.    

      What's in Each Module
    • What's in Each Module

      Practices + Exercises

      MODULE 05

      Life is Practice. The two core elements that run through the program are inner and outer work or personal development and professional (or initiative) advancement. This module guides you to create practices and exercises that are customized, meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. You will learn how to design practices to grow new competencies and exercises to determine and take relevant action steps.

    • Change + Resistance

      MODULE 06

      Like it or not, resistance is a natural and predictable part of the change process. When you start to bump up against your limits, edges and long-standing patterns, it’s important to understand your unique ways of resisting change. This Module unpacks the mechanisms of resistance and then applies that analysis to your unique ways and challenges. Expect relief! This module comes at a point in the program where you’ve been doing some good work and progressively making strides to realize your Impact Statement. As you encounter entrenched patterns that limited you, this Module is designed to bring compassion and a highly practical and supportive way forward.

      What's in Each Module
    • What's in Each Module

      Cycles + Seasons

      MODULE 07

      No program would be complete without contemplating the nature of nature herself! We look at life, growth and death cycles through the lens of Seasonality. We explore the Seasons you’re in and passing through and apply them to the territory of your Impact Statement and Personal Leadership Development Plan.

      There will come a point in this program when you really gain momentum where you need it the most. Things will open up, shift, sink in, click. And with this, new visions, forms, and iterations will emerge. This module will help you to locate where you are, what’s sticking, and what needs to evolve. This powerful lens helps to identify what is truly needed in your life and initiatives to meet and advance where you are. 

    • Communities of Practice

      MODULE 08

      Investigate the ways in which interdependencies contribute to, advance or thwart what you’re up to. This is an exploration of what you need, what you have to give and how to establish containers that enable ongoing and expanding impact. Even if you’re an introvert or prefer working and living in a more solo capacity, this Module is designed to help you identify how to best give, receive and co-create. Communities of Practice guides you to develop long-standing relationships and communities to collaborate or co-create with beyond the program.

      What's in Each Module
    • What's in Each Module

      Integration + Completion

      MODULE 09

      The program invites you into depth, nuance, intimacy and an expansion of who you know yourself to be. This Module is about bringing appropriate reverence to you, your journey and what you’ve accomplished. It offers formal practices to complete and integrate the work you’ve been doing, the relationships and community you’ve developed and the container you’ve contributed to. It’s not just about the completion of the program, but is about how to bring things to completion generally, and how to create conscious endings with intention and grace. 

    • You'll be invited to...

      You'll be invited to...

      • Show up fully to the program and process.
      • Challenge yourself in ways that will greatly advance what you’re up to.
      • Add your genius to our shared field.
      • Bring your whole self – needs, desires and brilliance, included.
      • Laugh, play and lighten up while rooting in.
      • Engage your practices and action plans with devotion and self-honour.
      • Bring your wildest dreams and boldest visions into form.
    • You'll be nourished...

      You'll be nourished...

      • By a robust and brilliant method and process for change.
      • Through deep seeing, celebrating and witnessing of your gifts.
      • Through clarity and commitment to your aligned path.
      • With the company of other mission-driven humans.
      • With energizing contributions to your life’s work.
      • By a structure that holds you and your work, while allowing for flow, freedom and creativity.
      • You'll receive...

        You'll receive...

        • Accountability and support to advance your initiatives and produce outcomes that matter to you.
        • A Personal Leadership Development Plan that will become the archives of where you’ve been and the map of where you’re going.
        • Profoundly encouraging connection.
        • Powerful coaching that cuts through and shines light in places you most need it to fuel the fulfillment of your visions.
        • Friendship, wise counsel and new collaborative potentials.

      My calling gets to be fulfilled when you’re fulfilling yours. Let’s do this together. 

      • “LEAD is a vessel. A place to land. A place to hold you. A place to journey to, from, and with. My work in LEAD has seen me grow in my business, in my spiritual practice, and in my ability to communicate and facilitate growth in my community. LEAD has helped me step into the physical body I want, the mental state I need, and the emotional space I crave. The work Chela and her team do through metaphor and wordscape is playful, inquisitive. and challenging. Through my work with Chela, and the LEAD community I have pushed my edges, shaped my Impact Roadmap and developed my LEADership plan. Best place to incubate, germinate, challenge, and be challenged!”

        Jenna Verhoeven
      • "I consider it a privilege to have been given the opportunity to join LEAD. LEAD is truly special, in that it respects Nature, the cyclical nature of life and the Mystery of it all in a way that I haven't seen any other program do. It has helped me achieve my desire for visibility in my own leadership and business in ways that are not only deliciously metaphorical but also extremely practical and useful. Put simply, it works! I particularly LOVE the 'Seasons' module and everything it has taught me- it's been a complete eye-opener and a game-changer! Through the modules, I have been able to have more compassion for my resistance, see where my areas for development are and exactly what characteristics I'll need to develop to grow my business. I have been able to craft practices that are helping me build the muscles needed to run my business pleasurably and sustainably, which has been a huge goal of mine!”

        Roshni Dominic, Trauma-Informed Sex Coach

      Ready to apply?

      Are you called to LEAD?

      This program is for you if…

      You want to own and harness your brilliance, and grow in ways you’ve been longing for but haven’t quite been able to make happen…yet

      You have a project, business, mission or body of work you want to take to new heights. The whispers of innovation are calling you. It’s time for your next evolution. You don’t want it to slip away with time. Loving and steady accountability is called for now.  

      You don’t see a lot of maps or models, living embodied examples, of how you truly want to live and lead. You’re disillusioned with a lot of the tactics and assumptions out there, but also hopeful that there’s a new way. 

      You’re seeking to have an impact, to alleviate suffering and contribute to society through your work and service. You care deeply about this world and feel this is a pivotal moment to rise and lead. 

      You’re longing for fun, play, nourishment, connection and laughter. Yes, you take your life’s work seriously, and you seriously want to have a good time while doing it. 

      You’re experiencing loneliness or isolation in your leadership and desire to connect with other brilliant humans who get you, who are doing brave and culture changing work. 

      Your vision for what’s next is out of your comfort zone or experience. You want to play in an emergent, collaborative space and need a high caliber container and trustable, initiated colleagues to fully relax and know you’ll be met. 

      You value and envision a future where the principle of care reorganizes the fabric of culture. You believe that extractive systems and norms around how we work need to be revolutionized so that this world works for everybody. You’re here to play your part. 

      You have worked with coaches, therapists, healers and are no stranger to dark nights of soulful reckoning. You’ve been initiated and are listening for the soul’s song and your next evolution.

      You want to collaborate and be in collective engagement without losing yourself or your own unique calling and autonomy. You sense that there’s something in the collective and collaborative spaces that will take you beyond what you could ever do on your own. You want to find out what. 

      You’re experiencing transition and expansion that’s calling for the death of some current identities…it’s exciting but uncomfortable. 

      You know that you need practices and support that help you to anchor into your depths and navigate the unknown, which can be hard amidst the noise. 

      You trust that you’re held and guided by something bigger…even if you sometimes lose contact with it when the pressures and disruptions of life are heightened. 

      If you’re feeling the call, I’d love to connect with you. Let’s do our brilliant work together on the leading edge.

      • "Working with Chela has been a wonderfully affirming experience. Without any ‘push’ or ‘pull’ she supports you in being willing to look at your patterns, habits and approaches that don’t always serve you while also helping you gain a real, experiential foothold in the new way you wish to embody. I found that my desire to make changes increased and my resistance to making changes markedly decreased. It felt magical! The modules are brilliantly designed to help you address the issues that arise when you are trying to make a major life change. I found that each time I started a new module, the issue that was confronting me right then was the very one the new module was addressing. (continued...)

      • Chela delivers clear information about the dynamics of the change process you are in, but doesn’t leave you there. Her sessions always conclude with exercises to help you understand more deeply ‘how’ to adjust and make the change you are desiring to make. Aside from the great content, Chela is also helping us engage in and trust this very powerful way of feminine energy working in the world. I love it! (continued...)

      • The other huge benefit for me is getting to know and work with other participants who desire to get their work out in the world in a new or bigger way. Everyone I met is dedicated to her own and others’ transformation and success. All were respectful and exhibited the deep listening necessary for this type of work. I realized how much I was missing by working solo much of the time. Chela has such Wise Woman and Priestess energy. I love her poetic, gentle, insightful way of navigating inner processes and sharing them with such kindness, soul, and heart. You will too."

        Anita Web Weaver, Spiritual Mentor
      • “When I entered LEAD, I was lost as to what was next for me. I needed clarity on new offerings, next steps, and forward momentum. What I got was the most nourishing container that allowed me to sink into my truth, my longings, my own desires — for the first time in years— in ways I didn’t expect. LEAD held up a mirror to what I had long been afraid to step into: to putting my wants first, to dropping old identities in favor of true alignment, to the courage and willingness to leap into the unknown for myself this time, with trust intact. The generous, loving container Chela holds is unparalleled; it allowed me to feel safe enough to drop my caretaking role, be honest with myself, and sit with what’s real while being witnessed by others moving through their own iterations and cycles. I’m emerging on the other side of LEAD more me, more expanded, more eager to keep moving toward the longings I’ve long set aside. And because of Chela’s brilliantly crafted program and the sturdy yet soft heart she puts into it, I no longer feel like I need to do any of it alone. I’m forever grateful to have been held in this space during this deep season of my life. I am changed."

        Lisa Olivera, Writer

      Ready to get started?

      LEAD FAQ

      For the first time, I'm capping this program at 12 people. We've run it typically with between 18 and 24. Personally I have other projects I'm focusing on and want to ensure I can fully meet and support the number of participants. This will be an intimate and powerful group. What’s most important is that the people are the right fit for the program and that the program is right for the people.
      Yes! Not all small group coaching sessions are with the same group each time, but you’ll certainly get to journey together and work together in this way. If you have people who are in your network, inner circle or on your team who want to embark on a powerful journey of clarity, alignment and velocity with, join!
      Very practically, you have a business, professional practice or body of work that is established. And you have a vision for something you'd like to create, expand or pivot within the time period of the program. This program is designed for folks who aren't new to self-inquiry, who've engaged with healing and personal development practices and are able to show up fully with others. If you’re used to doing a lot of meeting and holding and contributing to others and are concerned that you’ll be the only one at that caliber in this group, that won’t be the case. This program attracts people from various countries, ages, ethnicities, and professional experience, which contributes to a wise and powerful group space. You're asked to bring a high degree of personal responsibility, heart and commitment to a shared field that is generative for all. This is a high-caliber collective. And if you have others that you know you’d love to do a deep dive with, bring them!
      We will be gathering for content and community on Mighty Networks. We will NOT have a Facebook group. Mighty Networks offers an app that you can download on your phone if that's preferable to a computer where you can check into the community space on the go. Personally, I love the app, find it easy to navigate and I love staying connected with participants between calls.
      There are many components of this program that are live: Collective Emergent Labs, Small Group Coaching and 1:1 Coaching. This is a depth program, where the live time is crucial to receive the full benefits of the program (as well as contribute to the collective space). If you’re looking for something totally self-paced, or don’t want to attend live sessions, this isn’t the program for you. So much of what unfolds, where the magic happens, is in these live spaces. That said, there will be recordings of the live sessions if you have to miss some. The monthly Collective Emergent Labs happen the second Tuesday of the month at 11am PT. Coaching Sessions will have a variety of times to choose from, Monday - Thursday and we do our best to accommodate a variety of timezones. If you're called to this work, but want something self-paced, there is a self-paced version of this program called Lead your Self. Please ensure you're on my mailing list to find out when registration for that program will open again.
      Probably. The intention is to offer LEAD once per year, beginning in the fall. Your next opportunity will be October 2024. Confirmation of if I'm running it will happen in the summer of 2024. If you want to be notified of future offerings or other opportunities to work together, subscribe to the mailing list at
      All Learning Modules are pre-recorded and will have suggested and flexible timeframes to complete them. The following are live and hosted on Zoom: Collective Emergent Labs, Small Group Coaching and 1-on-1 Coaching. Components of the Collective Emergent Labs will be recorded, to re-watch and reference, however small group breakout exercises that occur will not be. Coaching Sessions will be recorded.
      Yes. We have both printable and fillable worksheets to accompany the 9 modules as well as Your Personal Leadership Development Plan.
      You bet! Both Small Group (4-5 people) and 1:1. Our Collective Emergent Labs have opportunities to receive coaching throughout. They are live, dynamic engagement calls (versus lectures or webinars). Additionally, I will be reading and reviewing your program and plans and engaging in the Mighty Network. This is a hands on depth space, you get my focused devotion and attention as a 1:1 client does.
      Yes! You will be given a process and guidelines for navigating the content and challenges you may experience along the way so that you know where to go and how to access what you need. 1-on-1 coaching or developmental support with me is not available beyond the specified sessions offered. However, those sessions are frequent enough that folks report feeling well supported all the way through.
      Yes! Our standard payment plan is as follows: An initial deposit of 10% of the tuition fee, the remaining balance can be distributed over 9 months. If you know this is the program for you, but need an extended payment plan to make it work, please indicate that in your application.
      Deposit is nonrefundable. If you withdraw from the program before it begins, you’ll receive a refund for any fees paid, less the deposit. Once the program begins, there are no refunds.
      Not this time. Over the 4 years of running this program, we've offered many scholarships. This season it's not sustainable to do this. This cohort is intentionally smaller (max 12). If you're called to this work but cannot afford it, consider starting with Lead your Self, the self-paced version of this program.
      You can expect to invest 2 - 5 hours per week. There will be weeks that are more intensive and others that are lighter. This estimate includes our live time together in various forms as well as your individual work and practice. This does not include the projects or initiatives you decide to take on as a part of your impact focus as those scales are totally up to you and variable.
      Yes. Share where you’re at in the application form and we’ll determine the right fit together. Embodiment and potential – we all have great potential, but embodiment takes time to develop. If you know you’re on a path to bringing forward your greatest work, but you might be closer to the beginning of it, you’re still welcome to apply. Diversity of experience, context and time on the path make for a rich space. Besides, maybe if you’re so used to holding different perspectives, visioning and doing your work, you don’t fully see your own greatness. However, if you're in a place where you haven't started or established your work and are unsure what direction you want to go, you'd be better suited to start with Lead your Self, the self-paced version of this program. In LEAD we're going to focus on leveraging what you have and intentionally growing a new project, so you need to have traction under your belt and a some idea of the vision you want to make happen.
      You will not have to dumb yourself down. I have worked with clients who have decades of human development experience and spiritual practice, who are teachers, leaders, creatives and program developers. I've worked with CEOs, business founders with multi-million dollar companies, and authors and industry disruptors with massive followings. The sweet spot of leaders I work with are highly developed, highly established, or both and are at a transition point in their work where they need exceptionally skilled support in place. What I've discovered along the way is that people who have grown and built in ways that are deep, rare or 'at the top' struggle to find practitioners who can truly meet them in all their depth and capacity. Folks who 'aren't joiners' tend to be holding way too much and have difficulty finding and relaxing into depth containers that can truly meet them. This can be excruciating and lonely for you. Especially if new visions are calling that are asking for the death of the very identities that have gotten you to where you are. This is the space to do that powerful and tender work.
      If you are curious and have more questions about LEAD, please email me directly at