You’re ready to…

Expand your capacity
Grow your influence and impact
Call in wildly fulfilling opportunities

What and how are you most called to lead?
This is your invitation to meet it.

  • Lead your Self...

    You’re here to bring your deepest, truest, most Soul-aligned gifts to the world. Meaningful change is calling. Dreams are courting you. You want to be at the helm of your life and life’s work.

    LEAD your Self is for you if (insight version)

Lead your Self

is for humans who...

  • Care deeply about making a difference...

    You want your life’s work and what you focus your precious energy on, to be of service.

  • Have unique brilliance to bring...

    You know you have a greater impact and are more fulfilled when you play to your genius.

  • Want to Lead from your Whole Being...

    It’s important to honour all facets of your being, knowing nothing sacred has been sacrificed.

  • Are bravely meeting new growth edges...

    Doing your inner work refines and expands your outer work. You’re ready to lean into discomfort with compassionate curiosity.

  • Desire regenerative, holistic approaches...

    Ambition without grinding. Resting without guilt. You want to experiment and build without burning out or hiding out.

  • Know when to call in the right support...

    You want some steady banks to the river, so the current of your energy and attention flows in the right direction.

  • “Working with Chela has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. That’s not just warm and fuzzy talk either...unpacking outdated patterns, understanding what gets in the way of me doing my thing, learning how I can relax more into my life, how I can support others in a sustainable way…Chela is the real deal...seriously...take this”

    Sharon Shelton, Coach + Meditation Teacher

Ready to meet your Calling?

You’re at the brink, gaze set on the impact you know you’re meant for. You’re called to new depths, new heights. Your innovative and visionary spirit has beautiful work to do, and part of that work is defining what success and satisfaction mean to you, at this moment in time.

You have been sitting with, wrestling with, maybe even bursting with a sense that there’s something more for you. You want to play to your genius and be of service. Something’s in the cooker and it’s time to bring it out to nourish the world.

You know the impact you’re here to make isn’t going to happen by carrying forward what got you here, even though you’ve brought a ton of grit, capacity, courage and faith. There are new ways of seeing and being, new muscles to grow, and moves to make. You know it’ll take courage. And encouragement.

You see the world as it could be and you want to contribute to that becoming. You are so over the extractive norms of work, business and leadership. You can sense the ‘what’s next’ of your art, legacy or body of work emerging and you need a guiding compass to keep you pointing North.

Lead your Self  is a self-paced, self-coaching program.

It’s a place to hold and midwife your brilliance, contribution and vision for impact.

Lead your Self. Meet your Calling. 

Enrolment closes November 22nd. Gain one year access to theProgram on November 27th.

Join the Welcome Call on December 5. 

Ready to get started?

Discover what you need to fulfill your Calling.

An intentional weave of deep personal development and vocational expression. This is the place where you can align your inner and outer work to claim your life and leadership in whole and integrated ways. It’s the place where you will:

  • Embody new ways of being that are an expression of this next evolution you’ve been leaning toward.
  • Initiate and create your ‘what’s next’ vision and work. Practical, tangible outcomes and impact.
  • Honour the seasons you’re travelling through, personally, and in your work and mission.
  • Find and engage the people who are also up to brave and brilliant work, who want to lead from their truest values, offering their gifts.

Lead your Self is where all of who you are gets to play.

The ambitious and the weary. The powerhouse and the doubtful. The carefree spirit and the dedicated world-holder. This program is designed to meet you where you are in a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of way.

You can join even if you’re not a joiner! Whether you’re a behind-the-scenes soloist or aching for community. A sovereign self-agent or the heart searching for directions. A depth seeker and the one who just wants a damn break.

Working deeply and intimately with leaders in the areas of purpose and life’s work for 14 years, it’s clear: One-size-fits-all is not a thing. When you enter the Lead your Self program on Mighty Networks, you will be guided to travel through the content and support structures in a way that meets your learning style, pace, accountability needs and relational desires.

Focus on traction and results while you explore your depths.

Unravel ancient patterns, put down the impulses to perform or get it right and embody and express the powerful gifts only you can bring to bear.

Chomping at the bit to take action and experience momentum with the dreams and visions you hold dear?

This is for you.

Unsure of what’s next, in that foggy nebulous place that is wildly uncomfortable and seems like clarity will never find you?

This is for you.

Want a process to follow and practices to engage on your own without needing to show up live for things or engage with other people?

This is for you.

Benefit from and desire new relationships, live engagement and community support?

This is for you.

Need to be able to see the whole of what you’re embarking on and get the pieces of the puzzle sorted before moving into action?

This is for you.

Need purpose, meaning and alignment to be infused in what you take on and how you engage with others?

This is for you.

Does it seem like some of the desires above are contradictory? Like they can’t possibly be the same program? Great. You’re getting the feel for how this program and the resources available are designed to lead you through a customizable experience. Engage the way you will be most supported to do your thing. Discover new ways you can be supported to do your thing. Do your thing. 

  • "This sounds corny, but Chela is an artist in her work. A craftswoman. She has a way of creating content and holding space that opens, moves, invites. Her work has substance and depth (I’m allergic to fluff) and is also 100% guided by heart and soul. I feel like I’m becoming my own old wise woman, led back to the truth of my dreams and the power of what I already know. I was skeptical that I needed this program, but now I feel changed."

    Christa Gardner, Writer

Lead your Self  is where you roll up your sleeves and take action on that project or mission that’s been tugging at you. It’s where you define the success of your work from your Soul’s call, not what’s been handed down in the cultural spell.

It’s also where you put stuff down. Including the internalized expectations to have it together and hold it for others. It’s where you confront what’s been holding you back or eluding you, the long-held identities that need to go so that you can be more fully, truly who you are.

You’re at the brink, on the edge. Called to deepen, leap, create and rise. It’s time to lead your Self to new heights.

  • You're crossing the threshold...

    Transitions. New heights. Deeper call. Greater alignment. Leaning into the new, dancing in the unknown, manifesting tender and true visions, these thresholds can kick up all sorts of discomfort…

    Meet the edge (Lead your Self version)

…You Might Just Experience…

  • A resurgence of old patterns or blocks.

    You thought you’d bloody well dealt with this already. New levels of consciousness and capacity, new places where change is unfurling, can activate the long held stories and struggles that will need tending. This is not a regression. It’s your evolution. Yes, again. But in new ways.  

  • Imposter or inadequacy syndrome.

    You might be like ‘wth’? I’m a powerhouse, where’s my courage? Where’s my grit? Why am I doubting or judging myself in the most inane ways? Change is threatening, especially to your established identities. New heights always come with edges. Welcome to the boot-shaking. 

  • Expectations that feel crushing.

    When you lean into new possibilities, the ‘it-hasn’t-come-together-yet’ periods can feel panic-inducing. Feeling behind, comparing yourself to others who seem to have something figured out or be further along. If you’re in an expectation pressure cooker, there’s a graceful way out. 

  • Fear, resistance or paralysis

    “Will it work? Am I out to lunch? I can see pieces but not the whole, I can do some of it but not all of it.” Leading into the unknown, emerging future, especially when you don’t see maps or models of it being done in a way that aligns with your values and feels authentically resonant, can stir a lot of fear and confusion. We have tools to honour and move with it. 

  • Self-Doubt and disorientation.

    Unsure if you can trust yourself, you hit that weird place of feeling like you’re inflating yourself and what you’re capable of, while simultaneously not owning your power. Are you making things too big so that you can play small? Is it time for small bites, or big leaps with the wind turned up? Make new moves, and strategically build confidence in the edgy areas of life. 

  • Outward norms zapping your mojo.

    You have much you want to bring to this next season, but hustle, coercion and burnout culture got you feelin’ like there’s no way through. You want to do this in a way that deeply honours your timing and instincts and sometimes you feel like you’re going too fast, too slow or all wrong, the messages that inundate throw you off. Let’s find your flow.   

  • Emotionally taxing ups and downs

    Unravelling the old, leaning into the new, challenging the status quo, hitting walls or roadblocks or having so much flood in fast can kick off the emotional roller coaster. Anger. Excitement. Fear. Joy. Confusion. Shame. Delight. Hope. All the things. Cultivating emotional resiliency, while also calibrating how much you ask of yourself during dynamic and transitory times is the medicine. 

  • Fear of success or momentum

    You’re the one. If things really take off, can you handle it? When you’re already holding so much, how can you invite in more? You know what it takes to birth new work, and don’t know how to meet what’s calling you now, regeneratively. You want to shore up your foundations, and expand your capacity for goodness to flow. You’d delight to Find others who get it and want to share wisdom along the journey.

  • Seasonal flux and recalibration.

    What is being called for is different than you assumed. You’re plugging away with all the weight and work of ‘summer’ but a deep and open winter is calling. Or you’re trying to dive head first into the next new things, but autumn needs to have its way with you, shedding layers of what’s here. Let us get to know and heed all of the seasonal flux you’re moving through so that you can thrive through all of it. 

You want a trusted process to hold you in all that is unfolding, where you will be fortified
in all your brilliance + your edges.

  • "LEAD is a work of art and science, created and delivered thoughtfully and pragmatically with Chela's special flavor. She is a masterful coach and facilitator; so smart, funny, compassionate, and insightful in her guidance, she surely makes everyone feel at home. The course attracts a mix of extremely talented and committed people, many of whom have been doing their healing and development work, and are now ready to make leaps in their evolution into new ways of being. Chela, and the community, have helped me to remember the light for my path, my capacity to deliver on a big vision and helped me generate new practices for leading from the place of most nourishment for me and the groups I move with."

How the Program Works

You begin with designing your personal vision for change and impact.

Perfect clarity is a mythological creature when it comes to moving into new and unknown territory. But that’s cool, you know that there’s something waiting for you when you slow down, tune in and do the work that’s whispering your name. Your vision gets to include what you’re certain about, and the nebulous pieces that will clarify as you engage.

You will be guided through creating an intimately customized Personal Leadership Development Plan.

The name of this plan isn’t sexy, but when you start to carry it out, you’ll feel like hot shit. Nothing builds confidence like using your life force to hone your genius and unleash your gifts in a hungry world.

Your plan maps your focus at this stage of your life and life’s work. It addresses the challenges and blocks you face and imagines ways to leap, slink or slither past those hurdles toward your sweetest dreams. It’s designed to include iterations and reflection so you’re not just cranking out actions. You’re steadily aligning to the future you want to create while calibrating to the realities of your life, resources and current capacity.

You’ll leverage a framework, engage in personalized practices, and discern and take aligned action.

You’ll receive insight and practices to support effective decision-making, overcome resistance and sniff out the actions you know you need to take but avoid like a person coughing on a train.

Achieving your vision, goals and new levels of values-aligned success are on the horizon.

This program is about coming home to the fullness of who you are, reclaiming parts you’d left behind, and growing new capacities so that you are ready, and able to joyfully meet your Calling.

What’s Included

  • 9 Modules

    9 Modules

    The program’s river banks. Each Module contains 3 – 5 lessons, varying in length from 10 – 40 minutes.  Adventure progressively deeper into your inner work while you point your compass of action True North.  Modules are in both video and audio formats so you can adapt your engagement for how you best learn and absorb concepts.

  • Workbooks


    Your workbook includes exercises that support each module, your Personal Leadership Development Plan and a place to map out your practices and action plans. There are two formats available. A fillable PDF to maintain your work digitally, or for the die-hard pen and paper peeps, a printable version.

  • Online Community Space

    Online Community Space

    The program is hosted on Mighty Networks where you’ll be able to connect with others who are travelling through the material at their own pace. In this Community space, you’ll be given prompts and recommendations to support you in staying with your intentions and momentum.

  • Monthly Watch Parties

    Monthly Watch Parties

    Wary of Self-Paced Content and whether you’ll have the discipline to show up and stick with it? We see you! Lead your Self is Self-Paced but you don’t have to go it alone. Every month we host a watch party so you can schedule it in, RSVP and show up live to watch or listen to the Module you’re working thought. When you join, you’ll receive guidance on pacing, how to best set yourself up for success, and how to engage the module content. Watch Parties are one of those success strategies!

  • Monthly Group Calls with Chela

    Monthly Group Calls with Chela

    Meet up with other like-hearted leaders, ask questions and receive support. These monthly calls are intimate opportunities to receive coaching and support throughout the program. Have questions about the program content? Need help crafting practices or action steps? Want some hot seat coaching to move through fog or fan the flames of courage? Join live or watch the replay and fuel your momentum. The second Tuesday of every month at 9:30am & 3pm PST.

  • Peer Mentorship & Support

    Peer Mentorship & Support

    Meet gorgeous humans who’ve travelled this journey before you! Peer mentors will be present in the community space, sharing their work and shining their light on your work. Join topic specific Mentor calls to receive insight, encouragement,  share your progress, and challenges and celebrate your victories. Peer Mentor Call times vary and cover that range of topics to support your traction in the program and meeting the calling you’re pursuing. 

  • “I am often wary of personal development programs so when I found Chela's work I was curious but hesitant. In working with Chela I have found her pace, attentiveness to developmental process, and intuitive sense to be refreshing and relieving. She has a way of being present for change without any pushing-- and this is actually what makes long-term shifts so likely in working with her... She's also just so damn delightful.”

    Kathryn Holt, Author + Therapist

There’s power in knowing what’s yours to do.

If the disruptions and uncertainty of the past few years have brought you even closer to what matters, revealed changes your heart is desperate for and ignited a fire that says: “It’s time”, you’re in the right place.

This is a process that holds your existential reckoning without abandoning those day-to-day commitments you’re carrying out. Hone your gifts, refine your vision, and expand your capacity. You’re already showing up with incredible commitment in the world. Lead your Self is about ensuring you’re doing that in a way that feels deeply aligned and includes your own joy and liberation. Put down what’s no longer yours to carry and lift off!  

Magnify emerging facets of yourself, imagine new compelling possibilities, and meet the challenges and opportunities coming with power and grace.

Meet other like-hearted humans doing their work. Network, give and receive support, find the people who may become part of a lifelong trusted council. 

Do you have existing evolutionary relationships, people who you’ve travelled with, sweat with and transcended your past selves with? Bring your people! Self-Paced work offers ample opportunity to move at a pace that works for the season you’re in. Having accountability buddies and trusted mirrors make it all that more powerful.

  • “Working with Chela was one of the most treasured and enriching experiences I’ve had on my journey of bringing my work out into the world. She’s my doula, in that sense, providing such deep level birth support for my work in the world. Chela was able to draw to the surface experiences that were deeply embedded, and often nebulous and unarticulated in me, and bring them to consciousness in a way that made it possible for me to engage with these deep patterns and begin to transform them. She facilitates this process with such grace, wisdom, and depth of experience, too, that you know she does this work herself, and in her own life, too. I’m so grateful to know her, and know I’ll continue to be enriched by her presence in my life.”

What's in Each Module


  • What's in Each Module

    Designing Impact

    MODULE 01

    You’ll begin by establishing your Impact Statement, your beacon of focus throughout the program.  You will define what impact means to you, and what your whole being is most lit up about accomplishing over these 9 months. You’ll clearly articulate what you want to make happen, the deepest why driving your vision and the growth edges you need to meet in order to make it so.

  • Ways of Being

    MODULE 02

    Core to the Integral Coaching® methodology is an elegant process ushering you from a Current Way of Being to a New Way of Being. You will identify the core themes and conditions guiding your worldview and how they influence your habits, behaviours, patterns and interpretations. Through metaphor, introspection, intuition and rigour, you will craft a new story for how you most want to be living. This Way of Being, when fully embodied, will be the truest version of your freest Self.

    What's in Each Module
  • What's in Each Module

    Personal Leadership Development Plan

    MODULE 03

    This is where you establish the core elements of your inner and outer work. You’ll be supported to establish a path, practices and exercises that aid you in realizing your ‘what’s next’ vision, while you develop the capabilities you most want to embody. You’ll map the initial actions that will propel you forward and you’ll take them!

  • Integral Perspectives

    MODULE 04

    Drawing on the Quadrants lens from the Integral Framework, created by Ken Wilber and woven through the Integral Coaching®  methodology. We explore four crucial perspectives to assess and advance your initiatives so that you approach your work in whole and integrated ways. You’ll learn about your preferences and biases and how they may impact your approach to pursuing and realizing your initiatives, freeing you up to pull the highest leverage levers to get where you’re going.    

    What's in Each Module
  • What's in Each Module

    Practices + Exercises

    MODULE 05

    Life is Practice. The two core elements that run through the program are inner and outer work or personal development and professional (or initiative) advancement. This module guides you to create practices and exercises that are customized, meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. You will learn how to design practices to grow new competencies and exercises to determine and take relevant action steps.

  • Change + Resistance

    MODULE 06

    Like it or not, resistance is a natural and predictable part of the change process. When you start to bump up against your limits, edges and long-standing patterns, it’s important to understand your unique ways of resisting change. This Module unpacks the mechanisms of resistance and then applies that analysis to your unique ways and challenges. Expect relief! This module comes at a point in the program where you’ve been doing some good work and progressively making strides to realize your Impact Statement. As you encounter entrenched patterns that limited you, this Module is designed to bring compassion and a highly practical and supportive way forward.

    What's in Each Module
  • What's in Each Module

    Cycles + Seasons

    MODULE 07

    No program would be complete without contemplating the nature of nature herself! We look at life, growth and death cycles through the lens of Seasonality. We explore the Seasons you’re in and passing through and apply them to the territory of your Impact Statement and Personal Leadership Development Plan.

    There will come a point in this program when you really gain momentum where you need it the most. Things will open up, shift, sink in, click. And with this, new visions, forms, and iterations will emerge. This module will help you to locate where you are, what’s sticking, and what needs to evolve. This powerful lens helps to identify what is truly needed in your life and initiatives to meet and advance where you are. 

  • Communities of Practice

    MODULE 08

    Investigate the ways in which interdependencies contribute to, advance or thwart what you’re up to. This is an exploration of what you need, what you have to give and how to establish containers that enable ongoing and expanding impact. Even if you’re an introvert or prefer working and living in a more solo capacity, this Module is designed to help you identify how to best give, receive and co-create. Communities of Practice guides you to develop long-standing relationships and communities to collaborate or co-create with beyond the program.

    What's in Each Module
  • What's in Each Module

    Integration + Completion

    MODULE 09

    The program invites you into depth, nuance, intimacy and an expansion of who you know yourself to be. This Module is about bringing appropriate reverence to you, your journey and what you’ve accomplished. It offers formal practices to complete and integrate the work you’ve been doing, the relationships and community you’ve developed and the container you’ve contributed to. It’s not just about the completion of the program, but is about how to bring things to completion generally, and how to create conscious endings with intention and grace. 

  • "I consider it a privilege to have been given the opportunity to join LEAD. LEAD is truly special, in that it respects Nature, the cyclical nature of life and the Mystery of it all in a way that I haven't seen any other program do. It has helped me achieve my desire for visibility in my own leadership and business in ways that are not only deliciously metaphorical but also extremely practical and useful. Put simply, it works! I particularly LOVE the 'Seasons' module and everything it has taught me- it's been a complete eye-opener and a game-changer! Through the modules, I have been able to have more compassion for my resistance, see where my areas for development are and exactly what characteristics I'll need to develop to grow my business. I have been able to craft practices that are helping me build the muscles needed to run my business pleasurably and sustainably, which has been a huge goal of mine!”

    Roshni Dominic, Trauma-Informed Sex Coach
  • "Working with Chela has been a wonderfully affirming experience. Without any ‘push’ or ‘pull’ she supports you in being willing to look at your patterns, habits and approaches that don’t always serve you while also helping you gain a real, experiential foothold in the new way you wish to embody. I found that my desire to make changes increased and my resistance to making changes markedly decreased. It felt magical! The modules are brilliantly designed to help you address the issues that arise when you are trying to make a major life change. I found that each time I started a new module, the issue that was confronting me right then was the very one the new module was addressing. (continued...)

  • Chela delivers clear information about the dynamics of the change process you are in, but doesn’t leave you there. Her sessions always conclude with exercises to help you understand more deeply ‘how’ to adjust and make the change you are desiring to make. Aside from the great content, Chela is also helping us engage in and trust this very powerful way of feminine energy working in the world. I love it! (continued...)

  • The other huge benefit for me is getting to know and work with other participants who desire to get their work out in the world in a new or bigger way. Everyone I met is dedicated to her own and others’ transformation and success. All were respectful and exhibited the deep listening necessary for this type of work. I realized how much I was missing by working solo much of the time. Chela has such Wise Woman and Priestess energy. I love her poetic, gentle, insightful way of navigating inner processes and sharing them with such kindness, soul, and heart. You will too."

    Anita Web Weaver, Spiritual Mentor
  • You'll be invited to...

    You'll be invited to...

    • Know and own the way of engaging that truly meets you where you are.
    • Add your genius to our shared field.
    • Bring your real, whole self – needs, desires and brilliance, included
    • Laugh, play and lighten up while rooting in.
    • Engage the process and practices with devotion and self-honour.
    • Bring your wildest dreams and boldest visions.
  • You'll be held by...

    You'll be held by...

    • A robust and effective method and process for change.
    • Deep seeing, celebrating and witnessing of your gifts.
    • Clarity and commitment to an aligned path.
    • The company and encouragement of other mission-driven leaders.
    • Energizing contributions to your life’s work.
    • Materials and structure that support you and your work, while allowing for flow, freedom and creativity.
    • You'll receive...

      You'll receive...

      • practices to advance your initiatives and produce outcomes that matter to you.
      • A Personal Leadership Development Plan, a map for your being and becoming.
      • Opportunities for connection and reflection, mentorship and support.
      • Light shone in places you most need it to fuel the fulfillment of your visions.
      • Wise counsel and new collaborative potential with your fellow travellers. 

    My calling gets to be fulfilled when you’re fulfilling yours. Let’s do this together. 

    Are you called to Lead your Self?

    This program is for you if…


    You want to own and harness your brilliance, and grow in ways you’ve been longing for but haven’t quite been able to make happen…yet

    You have a project, business, mission or body of work you want to take to new heights. The whispers of innovation are calling you. It’s time for your next evolution. Within and without. 

    You don’t see a lot of maps or models, living embodied examples, of how you truly want to live and lead. You’re disillusioned with a lot of the tactics and assumptions out there, but also hopeful that there’s a new way. 

    You’re seeking to have an impact, to alleviate suffering and contribute to society through your work and service. You care deeply about this world and feel this is a pivotal moment to rise and lead. 

    You take your life’s work seriously, and you seriously want to have a good time while doing it. 

    You’re experiencing loneliness or isolation and want to connect and seek out other brilliant humans who get you, who are doing brave and culture-changing work. 

    Your vision for what’s next is out of your comfort zone. You want to trust yourself and grow your faith in navigating the unknown. 

    You value and envision a future where the principle of care reorganizes the fabric of culture. You believe that extractive systems and norms around how we work need to be revolutionized so that this world works for everybody. You’re here to play your part. 

    You have worked with coaches, therapists, healers and are no stranger to inner reckonings. You’ve been initiated and are listening for the soul’s song and your next evolution.

    You’re experiencing transition and expansion that’s calling for the death of some current identities…it’s exciting but uncomfortable. 

    You know that you need practices and support that help you to anchor into your depths and navigate the unknown, which can be hard amidst the noise. 

    You trust that you’re held and guided by something bigger…even if you sometimes lose contact with it when the pressures and disruptions of life are heightened. 

    Even though you sometimes resist it, you know that structure is supportive.  Practices that are guided through wisdom and care would offer the direction and ground you’re seeking. 

    • “When I entered LEAD, I was lost as to what was next for me. I needed clarity on new offerings, next steps, and forward momentum. What I got was the most nourishing container that allowed me to sink into my truth, my longings, my own desires — for the first time in years— in ways I didn’t expect. LEAD held up a mirror to what I had long been afraid to step into: to putting my wants first, to dropping old identities in favor of true alignment, to the courage and willingness to leap into the unknown for myself this time, with trust intact. The generous, loving container Chela holds is unparalleled; it allowed me to feel safe enough to drop my caretaking role, be honest with myself, and sit with what’s real while being witnessed by others moving through their own iterations and cycles. I’m emerging on the other side of LEAD more me, more expanded, more eager to keep moving toward the longings I’ve long set aside. And because of Chela’s brilliantly crafted program and the sturdy yet soft heart she puts into it, I no longer feel like I need to do any of it alone. I’m forever grateful to have been held in this space during this deep season of my life. I am changed."

      Lisa Olivera, Writer
    • "I entered this program in a lost soul kind of moment. Tired momma. Low on hope, nourishment and support. Kinda sorta ready to pick myself up and get back in the game. I had no idea what was in store for me. Layers of awareness of patterns unfurled organically, things began to change with attention and effort and, well, even a bit of lack of effort, all held and ushered along in a magical container with loving and supportive friends. Clarity and energy emerged. I feel renewed. Focused. Excited. Hopeful again. On my path. Back to me. My heart, my family, my work, we all thank you Chela. You're the best coach there is."

      Nicole Fegley, Integral Master Coach

    Ready to get started?

    • Hi! I'm Chela. I'm an Integral Master Coach and Master Certified Coach. I LOVE working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and practitioners to help align your Soul’s purpose with your work in the world. I support the necessary inner work to break old patterns and create enlivening new opportunities. I've worked with hundreds of wise, committed and brilliant people to bring their gifts and genius outward, through ways of building businesses, creating offerings, making art, writing books, and growing the capacities they long for to lead their Calling. As the former President and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching Certification Program at Integral Coaching Canada, I've trained and certified hundreds of coaches worldwide. Stewarding and designing transformational change processes is my jam! I've been an entrepreneur for over 23 years and I love the challenges and opportunities that come with carving out a life and life's work that are aligned and of service. I love writing like Cookie Monster loves cookies.

      Chela Davison