Thank you for your interest in joining Lead your Self.

Scholarship Applications are open until Wednesday, November 29 at 6pm Pacific.

There is $2000 USD in funding available to share across full or partial scholarships for those who apply. If you are in need of financial aid and feel this program will support the initiatives you’re up to, you’re encouraged to apply.

Anyone can apply for the scholarship. The spirit of this scholarship is about contributing to equitable access to personal and professional development, for those who need it and those who are serving those who need it.

You are especially encouraged to apply if you are leading change initiatives that serve systemically underserved, underfunded and marginalized populations.

Single mothers, Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Colour, Queer folx and People living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Regarding your financial need for a scholarship, I trust you.  You do not need to prove, explain or justify why you need financial aid. You’re welcome to share as much or as little about you and your circumstances as you feel called to in your application below.

I am so excited to receive your application and get to know you.