LEAD is a nine-month group coaching program for socially conscious and generous leaders committed to impact, service and growing regenerative missions.

This incubator-meets-cauldron-for-transformation is the place to birth new ways of being and next level bodies of work.

Our next program begins in September.

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I‘m here to support leaders in bringing their truest, deepest, most soul aligned gifts into the world, for the world.

When I say leader, I mean you’re interested in being responsible for co-creating a life, culture and purposeful work that contributes to the wider field and to you.

This high touch, deep contact container holds and midwives the transformation and growth needed to truly unfurl and fulfill your calling.

LEAD is an intentional weave of deep personal development and professional maturation. It’s the place where you can align your inner and outer work to claim your life and leadership in whole and integrated ways. It’s the place where you will:

  • Ensure your life and work reflects the truth and values you feel and are committed to.
  • Be supported to initiate and create your ‘what’s next’ vision.
  • Find and engage the people who are also up to brave and brilliant work, who want to gather in service of our co-evolution, individually and collectively.

LEAD is the place where all of who you are gets to come to the party!

Where you can focus on traction and results while also exploring your depths, unravelling ancient patterns, being a hot mess and the powerful genius that you are.

Do you want to feel like you can channel your Self and work into your greatest expression with rock solid support at your back?

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  • "LEAD has been nothing less than transformation rocket fuel for me! When I joined I was at a turning point in life, knowing what I wanted and that success in moving forward was going to require a different level of inner clarity and outer action than I could muster alone. I wanted deep reflection on my ways and struggles while being held and supported by a trusted other. Yet I also wanted to do this kind of work while interacting with others who shared some of my visions and longings. As a result of the collective nature of LEAD I have had the chance for both. I have had the chance to learn new skills and explore whole new territories of professional and personal life that left alone on my own individual path of progress would have been missed."

    Lucy Rist
  • “I love my small group, I love the larger group - so many talented, creative, wise, funny women that really helped me feel at home and know that I could be seen and heard and valued just as I was. That I didn’t have to achieve a goal or prove myself. That I could really unfold together with all of you, and that was what was so incredibly healing and what allowed me to go on the journey.”

    Valerie Hunter
  • “LEAD is a vessel. A place to land. A place to hold you. A place to journey to, from, and with. My work in LEAD has seen me grow in my business, in my spiritual practice, and in my ability to communicate and facilitate growth in my community. LEAD has helped me step into the physical body I want, the mental state I need, and the emotional space I crave. The work Chela and her team do through metaphor and wordscape is playful, inquisitive. and challenging. Through my work with Chela, and the LEAD community I have pushed my edges, shaped my Impact Roadmap and developed my LEADership plan. Best place to incubate, germinate, challenge, and be challenged!”

    Jenna Verhoeven
  • “I had high expectations and they have been far exceeded. Content delivery is as I thought but Chela's delivery style, combined with Bonnie's seamless organisation and support has meant that I feel really sound and safe to explore and do the work.”

    — Phoebe MaroulisFinancial Counselor