Feeling the Call to LEAD? You’re on the right page if you’re in one of these two places:

  1. You’re clear you want to join our next cohort starting in Autumn 2023 and wish to apply.  
  2. You’re feeling the pull, but you’ve got some questions or considerations. 

Whichever place you’re in, please complete the fields below and submit your application.

If you are applying to register, you will hear back within two business days once your application is reviewed with the next steps. If you’ve got questions or considerations, or you simply want to connect with me (Chela) live to ensure it’s the right fit, once I’ve reviewed your submission, you’ll be contacted to set up a call with me.


The intention of the application is twofold. It allows me to get to know you and help assess fit for the program. It’s also an opportunity for you to claim and clarify your intentions and desires for engaging in this work. 

A little coaching, if I may…

This isn’t a test, it’s an invitation and declaration of what you want. As you read and begin to respond to the questions, notice the qualities of your experience. How do you feel and what sensations are coursing through you? Can you write from the qualities you most want to cultivate in your life? Share as much or as little as feels right to convey where you’re at. I’m so excited to receive what you have to share!

– Chela 

See if you can relax any striving or proving impulses, touch into the depth of your heart and your desire to grow your gifts and meet what’s calling you now. Write from this place as unfiltered and genuine as you can.