Inspiration to Integration – 3 Part Practice Series

I made you something.

It’s a 3 part practice seriesInspiration to Integration, turn daunting dreams into realized results. Obviously I like a little cheese on my alliteration with a subtitle like that. Seriously though, the information age might as well be dubbed the age of overwhelm. We have so much coming in and at us, it can be challenging to discern what to give our attention to at all, never mind what to take into our hearts and allow to deeply influence our lives.

While there’s a lot of bad news out there in this seemingly disintegrating world, there are also so many incredible movements, people, art and content. The leadership that folks are claiming on behalf of a healed, sane and connected planet is awe inspiring. This can have its own set of challenges and slippery slopes. Inspiration coming from ‘out there’ can become a stand in for doing our own deep work, little dopamine hits or distractions. Or worse, comparison, envy and overwhelm.

What are we taking in and consuming inspiring content for? What are we leaning into and learning for? To grow ourselves and our work? Find alignment and a sense of purpose? Be of service? When there are so many possibilities and opportunities, so many wayfinders pointing in various directions, how do we carve our own path forward to claim our own, unique expression and leadership?

This practice series invites pause and investigation to do just that. 

Inspiration to Integration was originally inspired by the closing keynote I gave this past weekend at the Rise Conference, Vancouver, supporting participants in integrating all those gold nuggets from the weekend. I wanted them to go home with something to help navigate the post-conference-crash.

But it’s not just big experiences like weekend immersions that need to be integrated. Our own inspired ideas, that online course you took but didn’t do as much with as you intended, that juicy conversation with a colleague that revealed new and important insights, the big pivot in your business that you know is coming but feels risky to your established success. These are all opportunities.

This practice series is free and is an opportunity to refine and craft your own unique vision from the inspiration and possibilities that don’t fully feel grounded in you just yet. It’s centered around reflection and self-location on behalf of what and how you are most called to lead.

I’m an Integral Master Coach™, Master Certified Coach, writer, mother & people lover. My gifts are centered around helping others to meet their calling and unleash their genius, on behalf of our shared world. Get to know me...

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