• "I have a fervent wish/knowing: that the right people will find Chela Davison at the right time — and their being will be profoundly rocked and recalibrated when they do. After a session with Chela I’d always say something like, ‘Holy fuck woman. You are meant to be doing this work.’ And then I’d need to lay down on my floor and think about what was just uncovered or set right. Chela is a master coach who has worked one-on-one with six of our team members throughout this year. She has coached me personally for five years. She worked with us to build a whole new infrastructure and philosophy of operations. And she designed and facilitated a team retreat for us that will yield fruit for the next decade. I’ve watched her help big players and emerging voices sort out their psyches and make amazing things happen in their industries. If you want deep transformation and a long-term vision aligned with your strengths and joy: Chela. She’s deeper than deep, prodigiously wise, f*cking hilarious and real."

  • "There’s a real magic to how Chela works. She is able to put words to things you’ve never quite been able to grasp. She attends to both inner and outer worlds and is able to design ways forward that make real, tangible shifts both in your psyche and in your life. And she was able to shine a light on things that I’d never been able to see, suggest where I might be closing down possibilities or keeping myself small and illuminate a new way of being where fulfilling my purpose is not only possible but inevitable. But beyond the practical clarity I’ve found (which in itself has been life transforming) something happened that I didn’t expect. Through Chela’s witnessing and honouring of all the parts of me, I was able to fall deeper in love with the parts of myself that I had always seen as negative, useless or shameful. Rather than fighting them, overcoming them or getting rid of them, I have begun to integrate them in a way that has made living my purpose even more possible. In this way, I think she helped me find not just what I wanted, but what I truly need on the deepest, most profound soul level - a deep knowing and acceptance of who I am now in the knowing that I am already becoming who I want to be. On reflection the most accurate way I can describe my experience with Chela is as a liberation. A liberation from the questions and confusions that have kept me stuck for many years, a liberation from the inclination to play small and safe and perhaps above all a liberation from the tyranny of feeling like I have to have it “all figured out” now. I deeply wish that anyone who wishes for more clarity, purpose or joy in their lives - finds Chela."

    Holiday Phillips, Anti-Racism Educator, Integral Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Writer
  • "Chela Davison was born to guide and grow world-changing leaders. She is in her soul's vocation, with masterful execution. If you want the experience of working with someone who will see you, love you, celebrate you and stretch you – in the most nuanced and needed ways – hire Chela. I've continued to hire Chela year after year, stage after stage – for both personal and professional development – because I know that working together will change my interior in profound and significant ways. Chela is intuitive, educated and applies her brilliance with comprehensive rigor and heart. In every session, Chela sees what was once unseeable – illuminating hidden threads and interrupting unhelpful patterns. She has a way of crafting exceptionally tailored practices that slowly but powerfully usher you into your next evolution. Whatever stage of life you're in, working with Chela to some extent is about growing up. Rising into. Emerging powerfully. Becoming the New You your life was calling you to. For your own sake, and the world's. If you've got a calling you can't hold back from, but old patterns, habits or hang-ups are blocking your progress, work with Chela. You will be forever changed."

    Rachael Maddox, Trauma Resolution Educator, Author and Guide
  • "Working with Chela was one of the most treasured and enriching experiences I've had on my journey of bringing my work out into the world. She's my doula, in that sense, providing such deep level birth support for my work in the world. Chela was able to draw to the surface experiences that were deeply embedded, and often nebulous and unarticulated in me, and bring them to consciousness in a way that made it possible for me to engage with these deep patterns and begin to transform them. She facilitates this process with such grace, wisdom, and depth of experience, too, that you know she does this work herself, and in her own life, too. I'm so grateful to know her, and know I'll continue to be enriched by her presence in my life."

  • "When my internal and external landscape told me it was time to up the ante, double down on my divine dharma, and follow direction straight into the heart of a mindbending paradox - I found myself knocking on Chela's door. I was weary, a bit ragged and cautious. There were caveats, mythic tests and fail safes that she essentially sailed through. Then, I promptly sank into a chair across from her (metaphorically), in exhaustion, and spelled it out in the plainest speak I could. Chela then did what she does, what she continues to do for me, which is blow my fucking hair back. This woman gets it. I mean, down to the bone marrow, don't pass Go and skip the spiritual bypass bullshit, she GETS it. More, she can hold it. She met all of what I am working with - which as the leader of an underground social change movement that is working in and from the feminine in a culture ill equipped to face and bioremediate the feminine wound in all its manifestations, there is a lot going on here. She is grounded and clear, fierce and funny, spot on in her metaphors, unrelenting in her calls to accountability and unflagging in her support. I've been in recovery for over 30 years - what I call soul recovery. I do the work because it's mine to do, because I want to, because it's joyful as well as my responsibility. Yet working with Chela has brought a new layer to this work that I'm not certain I've experienced before - a living divine intermediary who I'm pretty certain has got my back all the way to the end. If you want to do a caliber of work that will pivot you both inward and toward your future; if you want to show the fuck up for what you came here to do and be (be and do, it's the same really) then this is your woman. Be prepared for it to disrupt what you think to surface what your soul or being needs. We need to be prepared for these times, because these are the times we are alive in. That is no small task. I'm fairly certain that Chela has the bat phone of the people who are rising to the demands of these times, and then some."

    Shannon Thompson, Shakti Rising is Birth Mama, Vision Keeper and Wild Card, Shakti Rising.
  • "A friend once told me 'An excellent coach is the one who asks you all the questions YOU need the answers to.' If that's the gauge we're using, Chela is the best mother-loving coach ever. I started my intensive at a really tender time, post-break-up and having just decided to burn down my entire business the way it is and start over. When we finished I felt clear and empowered to move forward and create what I needed to create. Chela will hold the space for you to expand to all the places you want, need and are too afraid to go on your own and love the hell out of you on the journey. So damn good. Absolutely adore her."

  • "Doing one-on-one coaching with Chela was truly transformational. I learned a new way of being that supported my doing my best work while also attending to my personal needs and desires. I came away from the experience feeling more resilient, creative, and trusting in the natural unfolding of my work. And I felt more committed and able to step more fully into my calling. She's equal parts smart, compassionate, generous, and funny, always working in true integrity and leading by example. I'm beyond grateful for our time together. As a coach, I'm extremely particular about anyone I hire to support me or anyone I'd recommend to others. Chela is the most gifted coach I've worked with, and I highly recommend her to anyone ready for deep transformational work."

    Winn Clark, Coach
  • "Working with Chela has been a profound experience. I feel really “gotten” by her and having that as the foundation of a coaching relationship is critical. I’ve had coaches in the past where I felt like they had a pre-written program that they were just putting me through, independent of my own specific situation. But with Chela it’s personal and very customized. And not only do I feel like her coaching is unique to my personality, Chela dives deeper and I feel as though my program is customized to my soul. It’s as though she’s helping me to turn up the volume on my soul’s voice and her witnessing of me is helping me hear myself better. As a result of coaching with Chela for two months so far, I am more calm, I feel less scattered, and I feel more effective, both personally and professionally. I’m very grateful."

    Kate Northrup
  • "When working with Chela be prepared to have your life transformed. With her wisdom, humor and warmth she is able to shoot an arrow right into what your edge is, what you may be struggling with - even if it may be something you weren't aware of. She listens, like REALLY listens and watches and feels into what you are expressing beyond words. Through a shift in your seat or a sideways glance - she's taking it all in. I've never felt so heard in my entire life. Then the beautiful unfolding begins, through practices and suggestions and exercises, you work on strengthening or surrendering all while being held and supported. I've worked with many coaches before but this was an entirely unique and transformative experience and I am a different person than I was."

    Christina Platt
  • "I adore Chela Davidson. She is a superb human. During a session with Chela you will feel totally witnessed, loved, inspired and more enough than you ever have before. She has a special way of rocking you back to the core of who you are so that you can change the world with your presence. While working with Chela I got published by Hay House and built priceless foundations that I now live my life (and run my business) by. If you feel called to work with Chela, jump in and get ready to fly. She is the best support system you could ever gift yourself."

    Rebecca Campbell
  • "Chela is a wise and present woman. I came to Chela with my deeply held desires to be of service in the world. In just one session she got me. Her piercing wisdom and clarity inducing questions propelled me forward in the most empowering way. Everything I stood for in life, everything I had experienced, came together. I left our session with the strongest sense of purpose I had ever known, and the clarity that had been eluding me for over a year of sitting on my idea. Not only is Chela deeply intuitive, she also has a sharp mind - which is a profound and magical combination. If you are looking for a sign to work with Chela, this is it. Don't wait a moment longer. Get started, get clear and get going.... After working with Chela you'll see there is nothing standing in your way except your vision beckoning to be realized."

    Özlem Beldan
  • "Before I contacted Chela, I suffered from chronic confusion about what my true purpose is and how to get my message out in the world. During my Integral Insight coaching session, I felt completely understood without having to give a ton of background information...Chela really 'got' me. Our session was like magic. Now, I have such amazing clarity about what I'm supposed to be doing and how I want to go about doing it. The insights and practices that Chela gave me after our session have helped me be mindful about what I'm doing in my business and in my life every single day. I've decided to make some major shifts in my business based on my work with her. Chela has a gift to help people who are grappling with what their purpose is and how to get it out there."

    Melissa Toler
  • "I would encourage anyone who is committed to working seriously on their own development and who has the opportunity to work with Chela to seize it! Chela was able to meet me with intelligence, wisdom, humour, caring and sensitivity, no matter what circumstance of my life and work we were exploring. Her carefully crafted practices and reflection questions were always scaled in a way that allowed me to incorporate them into my busy schedule. Through my showing up differently at work, the job I already had gradually transformed, seemingly without effort, into what is for now my dream job! I am deeply grateful for the frequent laughter, the occasional tears – and for my dramatically-increased capacity to show up and contribute to making this world a better place."

    Sunil Singh
  • “It feels so special to be a part of a group that 'gets me' and helps me to wrestle with my challenges and rise to my fullest potential. I feel seen and heard and loved for exactly who I am and honoured and encouraged to bring my unique gift to the world. Chela is so masterful at coaching and diving underneath to get to the heart of the matter. Her skillset and ability to hold space is superb. She is kindhearted, deep, laser-focused, funny funny funny, and she's amazing at helping you bring your gifts to the world. Highly recommend the LEAD Coaching Program if you are feeling called into something deeper, something greater, something uniquely you and wish to have the support and guidance to help you along your path as you grow, stretch, and become.”

    Jane Middleton
  • "Through the most fortunate alignment of circumstances, I was able to be a part of Chela’s first online group coaching program, where I journeyed inwards with six other participants. I found Chela at the perfect time— I was looking for a safe space to show up and be accountable for my inner work. I got exactly what I wanted. I felt the experience was extremely enriching, grounding, and liberating. Chela has an uncanny ability to evoke the truth, to tease out what’s really underneath. Her ability to see the big picture, but to also unravel behavioural subtleties, surprised and delighted me. Her gentle, yet direct, questions got to the heart of things, and I have been able to decipher my own patterns and deeply understand my desires. I would have never imagined that a group coaching program would release so much growth and transformation within me! Chela created a space where one can be engrossed in personal work, yet connect and develop strong bonds with other participants. Seamless. Flowing. Perfect."

    Iwona Roman
  • "Working with Chela was a gift. I've had mentors and much professional training throughout my business career, but never a coach. I was impressed at how quickly Chela "got" me, saw where I was at and came up with an approach and individual practices to help me determine (and get to) where I wanted to go. She provided a caring, supportive environment, while not hesitating to call me on things I needed to be called on. Through our time together I experienced a significant shift in what I bring to and receive from my environment. I give thanks to Chela for her spirit, her heart, her time and energy. My work with her has changed me."

    Joanne Macdonald
  • "I entered this program in a lost soul kind of moment. Tired momma. Low on hope, nourishment and support. Kinda sorta ready to pick myself up and get back in the game. I had no idea what was in store for me. Layers of awareness of patterns unfurled organically, things began to change with attention and effort and, well, even a bit of lack of effort, all held and ushered along in a magical container with loving and supportive friends. Clarity and energy emerged. I feel renewed. Focused. Excited. Hopeful again. On my path. Back to me. My heart, my family, my work, we all thank you Chela. You're the best coach there is."

    Nicole Fegley, Integral Master Coach
  • “When I entered LEAD, I was lost as to what was next for me. I needed clarity on new offerings, next steps, and forward momentum. What I got was the most nourishing container that allowed me to sink into my truth, my longings, my own desires — for the first time in years— in ways I didn’t expect. LEAD held up a mirror to what I had long been afraid to step into: to putting my wants first, to dropping old identities in favor of true alignment, to the courage and willingness to leap into the unknown for myself this time, with trust intact. The generous, loving container Chela holds is unparalleled; it allowed me to feel safe enough to drop my caretaking role, be honest with myself, and sit with what’s real while being witnessed by others moving through their own iterations and cycles. I’m emerging on the other side of LEAD more me, more expanded, more eager to keep moving toward the longings I’ve long set aside. And because of Chela’s brilliantly crafted program and the sturdy yet soft heart she puts into it, I no longer feel like I need to do any of it alone. I’m forever grateful to have been held in this space during this deep season of my life. I am changed."

    Lisa Olivera, Writer
  • "Working with Chela has been a wonderfully affirming experience. Without any ‘push’ or ‘pull’ she supports you in being willing to look at your patterns, habits and approaches that don’t always serve you while also helping you gain a real, experiential foothold in the new way you wish to embody. I found that my desire to make changes increased and my resistance to making changes markedly decreased. It felt magical! The modules are brilliantly designed to help you address the issues that arise when you are trying to make a major life change. I found that each time I started a new module, the issue that was confronting me right then was the very one the new module was addressing. (continued...)

  • Chela delivers clear information about the dynamics of the change process you are in, but doesn’t leave you there. Her sessions always conclude with exercises to help you understand more deeply ‘how’ to adjust and make the change you are desiring to make. Aside from the great content, Chela is also helping us engage in and trust this very powerful way of feminine energy working in the world. I love it! (continued...)

  • The other huge benefit for me is getting to know and work with other participants who desire to get their work out in the world in a new or bigger way. Everyone I met is dedicated to her own and others’ transformation and success. All were respectful and exhibited the deep listening necessary for this type of work. I realized how much I was missing by working solo much of the time. Chela has such Wise Woman and Priestess energy. I love her poetic, gentle, insightful way of navigating inner processes and sharing them with such kindness, soul, and heart. You will too."

    Anita Web Weaver, Spiritual Mentor
  • "I consider it a privilege to have been given the opportunity to join LEAD. LEAD is truly special, in that it respects Nature, the cyclical nature of life and the Mystery of it all in a way that I haven't seen any other program do. It has helped me achieve my desire for visibility in my own leadership and business in ways that are not only deliciously metaphorical but also extremely practical and useful. Put simply, it works! I particularly LOVE the 'Seasons' module and everything it has taught me- it's been a complete eye-opener and a game-changer! Through the modules, I have been able to have more compassion for my resistance, see where my areas for development are and exactly what characteristics I'll need to develop to grow my business. I have been able to craft practices that are helping me build the muscles needed to run my business pleasurably and sustainably, which has been a huge goal of mine!”

    Roshni Dominic, Trauma-Informed Sex Coach
  • “I am often wary of personal development programs so when I found Chela's work I was curious but hesitant. In working with Chela I have found her pace, attentiveness to developmental process, and intuitive sense to be refreshing and relieving. She has a way of being present for change without any pushing-- and this is actually what makes long-term shifts so likely in working with her... She's also just so damn delightful.”

    Kathryn Holt, Author + Therapist
  • "LEAD is a work of art and science, created and delivered thoughtfully and pragmatically with Chela's special flavor. She is a masterful coach and facilitator; so smart, funny, compassionate, and insightful in her guidance, she surely makes everyone feel at home. The course attracts a mix of extremely talented and committed people, many of whom have been doing their healing and development work, and are now ready to make leaps in their evolution into new ways of being. Chela, and the community, have helped me to remember the light for my path, my capacity to deliver on a big vision and helped me generate new practices for leading from the place of most nourishment for me and the groups I move with."

  • "This sounds corny, but Chela is an artist in her work. A craftswoman. She has a way of creating content and holding space that opens, moves, invites. Her work has substance and depth (I’m allergic to fluff) and is also 100% guided by heart and soul. I feel like I’m becoming my own old wise woman, led back to the truth of my dreams and the power of what I already know. I was skeptical that I needed this program, but now I feel changed."

    Christa Gardner, Writer
  • “Working with Chela has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. That’s not just warm and fuzzy talk either...unpacking outdated patterns, understanding what gets in the way of me doing my thing, learning how I can relax more into my life, how I can support others in a sustainable way…Chela is the real deal...seriously...take this course...wow.”

    Sharon Shelton, Coach + Meditation Teacher
  • DOES THIS Change "I hesitated before hiring Chela as my coach. Besides the financial stretch she is also much younger than I am and I was concerned that she wouldn't be able to meet me in the depths of my longing. I am so glad I followed my intuition and gave us the chance to work together! We all need someone that can see outside of our own perspective and reflect our unique light in ways that we can't do for ourselves; someone that will move the right lever point at the right moment to help us move through our next edge. Chela is such a person. Don't be deceived by her young age; she is wise beyond her years and she can hear the whispers and yearnings of your highest future self."

    — Claire Molinard, PCCMaster Integral Coach, Co-founder of Unique Self Collective
  • — Claire Molinard, PCC

    "I hired Chela at a point in my business development and personal life where I was stuck – it was painful, and I had such a deep longing for more. I decided to invest into the very best support I could find. Chela was at the top of my list for that. And well…She delivered. Six months into working with her, I have made a quantum leap forward. Major shifts have and are taking place in how I am and do things as a woman, an entrepreneur, a partner. My business sales have more than doubled. I feel more expansive, empowered and authentically productive, and the change feels like it should feel – profound and sustainable rather than light or partial.

    Chela is a master in the art of coaching. I love her brilliant way of getting me, and everything I bring up – we don’t waste time, we go deep and far, and it’s nuanced and subtle – without ever losing focus. I love that she hears every word and provides access to true new possibilities. The way she designs the path and steps to get there is creative, solid, anchored, and laser-sharp. I am grateful for the elegance of Chela’s work. It is sourced from an authentic desire to serve and held in deep spiritual awareness. My wish is for her to have a very long life, so she can keep on offering this labour of love of hers – and we can just suck the marrow out of it."

    — Marie Gabrielle AmadieuICF Certified Professional Coach
  • — Marie Gabrielle Amadieu

    "I started working with Chela as my business was growing fast and I was feeling both absolutely thrilled and slightly overwhelmed. I was being pulled in multiple directions by the many exciting demands, proposals and offers coming my way and needed to feel focussed and more in control. After our first session, Chela read back to me (we work by Skype as we're on different sides of the world) how she saw where I was at, and what I felt I wanted to work on. She nailed it. It was like she'd looked into my soul and then communicated in a paragraph everything it was feeling. I feel nourished when I speak to Chela and her practices are always with me, helping me to recalibrate a difficult situation, make a decision that feels truly right and helping me become my own 'Intimate Pilot'. Chela has a true gift - she 'knows' you, clarifies what you couldn't articulate, and clears the fog. So grateful."

    — Wendy PowellMaternal Health Pioneer. Feminist. Educator. CEO.
  • — Wendy Powell

    “Working with Chela has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. That’s not just warm and fuzzy talk either...unpacking outdated patterns, understanding what gets in the way of me doing my thing, learning how I can relax more into my life, how I can support others in a sustainable way…Chela is the real deal...seriously...take this course...wow.”

    — Sharon Shelton@loveactivist