If you like it here, try liking your body too.

Walking out of a particularly intense power yoga class today, all revved up and buzzed out, a girlfriend and I started chatting about what the ideal day would look like. It’s something I’ve been playing with a lot lately. It seems like sorting out what the perfect day would look like is the hardest part, not actually living it. Though perhaps not.

But with the year coming to an end, saying goodbye to 2010 and all that was packed into it, I’ve been wondering, how do I want to shape my days in the New Year? One thing I know about myself (and would argue everyone else,) is that when I am active I am much happier, more productive, grounded, satisfied and yes, even sane. So in my ideal day I’m getting an hour of exercise. Every. Single. Day.

It occurs to me that it is utterly insane that this isn’t the norm, (athletes, hush up here, I’m talking about the rest of us.) With three to four days per week being the general recommendation and what many aim for. But we’re not farmers anymore and save for those who do work with their bodies, our lifestyles don’t always call for the kind of movement we really need and it seems that perhaps we’re a little disconnected from exactly what that is.

Given that without our bodies, we couldn’t be here on this kick ass little planet of ours, really doing them the honor of regular exercise, sleep and good food just makes a bunch of sense. Especially this time of year when the Bailey’s sneaks its way into your morning cup and spending more money than you have on gifts people don’t need tend to take priority over a good solid run in the rain.

So I suppose this post is simply a call to keep your priorities in check, that without your body you’re SOL and you may think that you’ll get on it come Jan 1, but why not right now, why not today, just a few stretches, a big glass of water, a homemade meal- whatever- just a moment to say “hey body, wassup- I love you, thanks for taking me along for the earthly ride.”

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