Idiot Compassion. Know it. Lose it.

Compassion and condonation are not the same thing.

Collapsing the two leads to idiot compassion. Idiot compassion is sourced from a desperation to do good. It is noble, but blind. It is dripping with altruism and perpetuates the problems that call for a compassionate view to begin with.

Idiot compassion says “let it be. We are all the same. This behavior comes from ignorance. Love anyway.” Idiot compassion paralyzes. Allows for. Hides on the sidelines and nods. Idiot compassion is ignorance dressed in love’s clothing.

Compassion says “Let it move. Be aware. This behavior comes from ignorance. Make a choice of right action. Love while doing it.” Compassion is active. Elevates. Demands. Enlightens. Compassion carries a sword so sharp you won’t feel it go through you. Compassion feels into and moves through.

Hatred is seething from so many. Hatred bumping into itself. Hatred smashing within itself. Hatred armoring against itself. Hatred and ignorance are passionate lovers. Hatred loves idiot compassion. Hatred says “Thanks for the free pass boys.”

Enter Compassion. All seeing, all knowing, sword wielding compassion is here to stir stuff up. There is nothing intolerant about demanding more from each other. Lose the idiot compassion. Know that what you see will always have limits. Trust what you see anyway. Make a move and love while doing it.

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