Go where your envy takes you. Find liberation there.

Go where your envy takes you. [icon name=”twitter” class=””]

Don’t turn away from your envy as if it makes you dark, as if it makes you petty.

Follow it.  Let it show you the disowned parts of your soul.

Let it bring you face to face with the You who’s being shielded from the light she needs to step into.

Don’t hide your eyes from your envy and will it away.

Lean toward it and beg to know what it’s asking of you.

Let the pain of your envy show you who you are and what you’re longing for. [icon name=”twitter” class=””]

My envy kicks up when I see an activist brazenly staring down terror and adversity for their cause.

My envy grips me when I witness wild beauty and unselfconscious expression.

My envy chokes me when I see people risking comfort and their reputation for justice, equality and mercy.

My envy tells me where to move and what to excavate. It shows me where to shine light and asks for clarity. It unveils what needs confrontation or expression.

My envy whispers to me, invites my curiosity and shows me the future of my art.

What is your envy begging you to liberate?



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  1. Paula says:

    I was just writing about envy a week or so ago. I try to practice what you suggest here when I notice I am envying: like when I see people taking workshops on personal development, yoga, any number of things. Or when I see people painting and drawing outdoors or hanging out in art museums or going to openings or readings. Or when I hear about people taking time to make their own soap. In general, taking time to do things they love to do. Envy doesn’t act as a reminder for me, yet, to actually do those things I’ve been yearning to do, but it does show me what I want.

    I also found out that to soothe envy, I can list what I did on a particular day and I always find that my life is far richer than I realize and that I am doing what I want to do.

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