Future proofing your partnership? New Coaching for the Collective

This episode of Coaching for the Collective was so fun to record because I got to jam with TWO values centered entrepreneurs who are taking their friendship to the next level: Business Partners.

What could go wrong, right? 

There are so many that caution forming business partnerships with friends or loved ones. But when done well, this can be a way to truly merge vision, values and genius to co-create something extraordinary! 

Not only do we cover some practical ways to future proof a partnership (which can totally apply to other relationship agreements btw!), we also explore how to embed your values and mission into your processes and communication. 

AND…for anyone who has ever been afraid that your heart centered, soft skills will come off as too wooey and want to be able to translate the value you offer in practical terms to a client…we cover that too!

Carla and Heloisa, thank you both for the great conversation and for offering such heart and transparency so we can all learn, grow and lean into our own leadership even further!

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  1. Lynette Peters says:

    I loved this podcast; real, honest, brave and tender. I will send yo my nearest and dearest and I’ll listen, again and again. Chela, you are an extraordinary gift.
    Thank you.

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