From Fear to Freedom

Do you feel clear on what you want but are paralyzed by fear, unable to move forward?

How about figuring out how to move into new territory when you’re under-resourced? (and who isn’t under-resourced these days!?)

Or do you tend to pay attention to allllllll the ways that you’re not progressing enough and forget to notice and celebrate the victories?

If you want forward momentum, enthusiasm, play and joy, it’s not just going to drop from the heavens, you need to practice it. But how?

We cover all of these topics in our most recent mini-coaching session that we’re now calling Coaching for the Collective. Watch it here and see what nuggets fit for you.

You’ll see at the end that I challenged Ruqayya to posting something on her Instagram and if you want to see if she did, she’s @ruqayyadaville

May this sweet convo serve you as much as it did us!

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