Find And Trust Your Inner Voice: Weekly Practice

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by options or directions? Is the ‘inner committee’ of your mind so loud, telling you different things, that you don’t know what to listen to? Do you sense that you have an inner voice or wisdom that might be more trustworthy than all the chattering thoughts? Then this practice if for you.

Here, we’re building the muscle of interior guidance that is deeper and comes from somewhere other than our mental assessment and figuring things out. Watch here for a filled out context and the practice is written below for you as well. If you’d like your own custom practice, tell me all about it here.

Practice: A purposeless walk to feel you interior direction.

Go for a walk, out in your neighbourhood, or in nature. Before starting to move, close your eyes and tune in to your interior space. Ground in through your body, through your heart and gut. You may notice that your mind has opinions and ideas about this practice or about what direction to go in. Here, you’re practicing suspending listening to the various voices on your mental committee, and connecting to and listening to a compass other than those thoughts.

While walking, practice staying in contact with this inner space and whenever you come to a crossroads or a corner, feel for what direction you’re going to go. It’s important that you don’t have an end goal or end direction or that will mentally cloud your ability to allow this growing inner compass or inner voice to compel you in a direction.

As you do this regularly, you’ll develop a more intimate relationship with the quiet inner stirring that has a preference for your direction, it’s a place that is deeper, quieter and truer than those swirling thoughts and will become a place to access when making life choices.

I hope this is helpful to you all.

Much Love



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