Exhausted? Maybe You Don’t Need To Work So Hard (part 2)

Hi Lovely,

Do you ever find yourself in striving mode? You know those times when you’re actually digging for energy, pushing through something or crank-crank-cranking? How much does that totally suck? Lots right?

I feel ya.

I found myself engaging with some hilariously ironic cranking recently when working with Chantal Russell on our upcoming retreat in Costa Rica (early bird pricing ends this month, so like, get in here.) It was ironic because the whole retreat is built around sufficiency, around experiencing and opening to what’s readily accessible within us and moving, expressing and working from this place. No cranking needed.

This is part 2 of the maybe I don’t need to work so hard practice series which works with some of these very themes. Today’s practice builds on last week’s of bringing less effort by noticing your energy levels and what alters them. For me personally, simply the mental effort of thinking I need to give more sucks the life right out of me. How about you? Watch and explore…

Practice: At multiple points throughout your day, pause and assess how full your energetic tank is. Notice how you assess this. You might even write down a note ‘half full’ or ‘running on fumes’. Setting an alarm on your phone to go off a few times per day may make a helpful reminder.

Also pay attention to what kinds of activities or people or stimuli energize you and which deplete you. Track this for a whole week, collecting data throughout the day, every day.

As you become more aware of where you tend to hang out energetically, you can start to play with keeping more energy for yourself, filling up or engaging in nourishing practice more often, or simply discovering what that might be if you’re new to genuine self-care.

See you next week!




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