53 – Business without Social Media with Bradley Morris

53 – Business without Social Media with Bradley Morris

Bradley Morris is the founder of Majik Media – helping leaders unleash their majik to leverage their life’s work – as well as Majik Kids, the Creator’s Club and is also a professional golfer – and no, you will not find him on social media. In this episode, Bradley shares his decision to leave social media, highlighting the negative impact of algorithms, the divisive nature of the platforms, and a scary realization that compelled him to make a permanent exit. Discover how Bradley’s departure from socials transformed his business model – and expect practical marketing alternatives – including nurturing your email list, guest appearances, good old fashioned PR and the power of developing a transformational signature workshop.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • [00:02:11] Bradley explains his decision to leave social media – including how he felt that the algorithms were hindering genuine connections and favouring paid advertisements, the divisive nature of social media and a realization he had while watching the sunset that made him realize he had to get out for good.

  • [00:04:45] Bradley recalls feeling erased and disconnected from his previous social media network and describes the ways in which he had to take initiative to build new communities and relationships in the real world.

  • [00:06:57] The ways in which leaving social media has shifted Bradley’s business model in profound ways.

  • [00:07:37] Chela reflects on her experience of leaving social media.

  • [00:10:07] Practical alternatives for marketing and growing a business without social media, including cherishing and nurturing your email list and developing a signature workshop.

  • [00:12:21] – The high conversion rate of a signature workshop that involves a transformation.

  • [00:13:48] – The strategy of guest appearances, such as appearing on podcasts or guest blogging, as a way to drive traffic to one’s website and gain exposure.

  • [00:14:27] – Bradley’s experience with licensing and how he has generated passive income by licensing his meditation tracks to different apps. He highlights the potential for licensing in various fields, such as wellness, coaching, or specialized courses.

  • [00:15:38] – The underlying philosophy in Bradley’s work, which is about leveraging one’s life’s work in a skillful and targeted manner, without relying on constant hustle or scaling efforts.

  • [00:16:15] – Bradley expands on the idea of leveraging one’s work and relationships. He discusses the importance of leveraging relationships with other companies, creators, and communities to reach new audiences and expand one’s impact.

  • [00:17:12] – The potential of profit sharing as a model where revenue generated from a membership or collaboration is shared among the participants. 

  • [00:18:41] – The power of collaborations as an alternative to hiring a production team. 

  • [00:19:59] – Affiliate marketing as a strategy where others promote your products or services and earn a commission for each sale. Bradley also discusses sponsorships, which can involve sponsors paying for subscriptions or buying large quantities of books, for example, to support a cause.

  • [00:20:58] – Bradley’s personal experience with YouTube – distinguishing it as a platform for entertainment and education rather than social media.

  • [00:22:08] Chela suggests old fashioned PR, as well as exploring local connections and opportunities.

  • [00:23:57] The opportunities of Substack as a platform, being that it is reader-led and provides a space for writers and artists to share their work without manipulative tactics to keep users engaged.

  • [00:26:28] Bradley presents a formula to help individuals assess whether they are wasting their time on social media, based on hours spent and money generated from social media engagements.

  • [00:29:53] Chela also acknowledges other factors to consider, such as emotional cost, energy drain, and alignment with personal values when it comes to time spent on social media.

  • [00:31:56] How some individuals with significant followings and financial success through social media are struggling with personal well-being and fulfilment.

  • [00:32:20] Chela highlights how witnessing others who have successfully left social media can inspire and empower individuals who want to leave but are afraid to.

  • [00:34:03] The frustration with existing social media platforms, highlighting how these platforms are designed to divide and conquer, create conflict, and prioritize advertising and profit over genuine connections.

  • [00:35:28] The possibility of change and the emergence of new platforms that can empower individuals, reclaim attention and privacy, and foster healthier relationships.

  • [00:36:00] Bradley’s current Leadership edge.

  • [00:41:33] The necessity of training attention, building mental endurance, and following instincts in entrepreneurship. Bradley shares a personal experience of successfully raising investment capital based on an instinctive decision.

  • [00:42:47] Bradley reflects on his journey as an entrepreneur and his current stage of maturing in leadership.

  • [00:46:01] Bradley compares entrepreneurship to a spiritual quest and a path of self-mastery and personal growth, aligning it with his passion for professional golf.

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About Bradley

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet a true creative force. For nearly two decades, Bradley T. Morris has been revolutionizing the world of online creation, coaching, and entrepreneurship. This guy has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, and he’s on a mission to raise the Spiritometer on Planet Earth.

From mind-expanding viral videos to binge-worthy courses, to his audio meditation library that has reached millions of people, not only transforming countless lives, but also achieving remarkable financial success, Bradley has left a lasting impact on countless individuals. His online communities thrive harder than your neighbor’s tomato garden, and his Majik Kids App will make your head spin. With over 500 transformational workshops under his belt, he’s a true expert in his field.

But wait, there’s more! In 2016, Bradley took a bold step away from social media in search of real-world connection. Six years later, he emerged with his revolutionary masterclass, Biz Without Social, teaching thousands of creators to thrive and flourish outside the confines of the virtual world.

Now, Bradley and his 6-year-old sidekick are tearing up the business world as a dynamic duo with MajikKids.com, their Fair Trade publishing and production company, they’re rewriting the rules and giving artists a whopping 50% of the revenue. 

With Majik Kids, get ready for the most magical audio stories, music, imagination meditations, illustrated books, and fun learning activities that are off the charts fun. It’s a world where screen time takes a back seat and the flames of imagination, creativity, and confidence are ignited in your little wizards.

And here’s the kicker: Bradley also plays professional golf as his passion hobby. 

So get ready, because Bradley T. Morris is here to unleash your true potential. With his sense of humor, possibilities mindset, and a twinkle in his eye. He is here to inspire, activate, and transform your life and business like never before. Get ready to make magic together.

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I’m an Integral Master Coach™, Master Certified Coach, writer, mother & people lover. My gifts are centered around helping others to meet their calling and unleash their genius, on behalf of our shared world. Get to know me...