47 – Sacred Embodiment with Elizabeth DiAlto

47 – Sacred Embodiment with Elizabeth DiAlto

Known for her raw, honest, and nuanced approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist, a Mystic, and host of the Embodied Podcast. In this episode, Elizabeth describes the journey towards her Soul’s work – how being a personal trainer in NYC led to questioning societal beauty standards, inspiring her to create her own business. They explore: Elizabeth’s unique capacities – including committing to being unabashedly herself and a love of comedy. Humour, humanity, and humility in our Soul’s journey and alchemizing anger into something useful. The image trap of being “evolved”, and the importance of clear community agreements for safe spaces to actually be safe.

Listen in as they discuss:

[4:33] Elizabeth reflects on what called her almost 10 years ago to finally say yes to her soul’s work. She speaks about her last job – as a personal trainer at a boutique fitness studio in New York City – and an experience there that led to her questioning societal beauty standards and empowered her to create her own business.

[07:30] How a combination of dating a Reiki master, experiences with PT clients and finding new expressions of movement led to a deeper calling.

[09:54] Chela speaks to the experience of coaching Elizabeth, noting that change is a slow process, but that the experience of working with Elizabeth made her realise that when somebody is fiercely ready to make that change, things can move fast.

[12:06] Elizabeth speaks to her capacities and unique genius that cultivated what she has created, including a reflection she’s had from people over the years that her superpower is putting things into words that they feel, but cannot articulate. She also speaks to her commitment to just being herself, a walking permission slip that makes others feel they can be more themselves – as well as her love for comedy and how she weaves that into the work.

[18:20] The importance of humour, humanity and humility in our soul’s journey. 

[19:48] The expectations and image trap of being ‘evolved’ which can sometimes lead to incongruent actions.

[24:45] How comedy and humour can play an essential role in diffusing tension and opening up our hearts in a World with a lot of pain and suffering.

[25:40] Elizabeth shares her experience of doing stand-up comedy in 2018, where she used her dating experiences in Los Angeles to create jokes about saying no to people and setting boundaries.

[27:13] How one of Elizabeth’s workshops ‘Alchemizing Anger’ is about taking intense, potent energy of anger and doing something useful with it.

[28:05] Elizabeth shares a recent experience of alchemising her own anger after joining a marketing program where the program owner was not embodying or integrating the values she talked about, and how it led her to start a business interview series with people who are deeply integrating liberatory practices into their work.

[32:35] How anger can be a boundary, revealing one’s values and justice buttons. 

[35:41] Elizabeth shares that one of her biggest leadership challenges holding a community was when she began integrating social justice and anti-racism topics into her podcast episodes – changing the name of the podcast to ‘Truth Telling’ – which resulted in losing half her listenership. 

[38:50] Reconciling and navigating her own mixed-race and multicultural identity – including what’s hers to talk about and what’s not.

[39:25] The importance of inclusivity in her work with the various forms of discrimination and bias that can be involved in body work.

[41:20] The importance of clear community agreements that set expectations and norms for behaviour. How this also helps to create a safe space, rather than simply saying a space is safe without structures supporting that. 

[46:30] How some spaces can be hyper-sensitive to potential sensitivities of people, but how this might actually prevent members from bringing their full selves to the table. 

[49:45] How members of Elizabeth’s community feel that it is the safest space on the internet, and how her space actually teaches people how to be in true community.

[52:00] Elizabeth shares a recent experience in her community where a member posted something that felt off to her, and how she upheld the boundaries of the space in a way that was direct and upfront. Elizabeth explains that sugar coating is managing the other person’s experience, resulting in not being true together.

[57:50] Elizabeth shares about a recent date she went on.

[1:01:30] The places and spaces where you can learn more about Elizabeth and her work.

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Known for her raw, honest, and nuanced approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist, a Mystic, and host of the the Embodied Podcast (3M+ downloads!). A native New Yorker of Puerto Rican and mixed European descent, Elizabeth started her professional life in sales, then moved into health and fitness. In 2013 life finally called her to do her soul’s work and she founded what has now evolved to be the School of Sacred Embodiment. Her mastery is in teaching, facilitation, and communication with immense reverence, humour, and compassion. Everything she studies, practices, and creates is in service to collective healing and liberation. Elizabeth currently lived in Miami, is an avid Latin dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”

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