46 – Stop Using Spreadsheets with Rachel Flood

46 – Stop Using Spreadsheets with Rachel Flood

Rachel Flood is a technology enthusiast, operations consultant, and enterprise architect with over 20 years experience in for-profit and non-profit sectors. She is passionate about leveraging systems to simplify and automate mundane manual tasks, freeing up the ‘beautiful minds’ of operational workers – insisting the work should be repeatable, but the person not replaceable. In this episode, Rachel discusses hiring operational help – including training up current employees. She emphasizes the importance of spending time on system implementation and documentation for sustainability and scalability potential. Her course “Stop Using Spreadsheets” teaches a 5-step process designed to help people doing good things in the World do what they do – but better.

Listen in as they discuss:

[00:02:10] Rachel shares her passion for technology and systems that can automate mundane tasks, freeing up worker’s beautiful minds for more complex tasks.

[00:04:15] Rachel emphasises that manual data entry is a terrible job that no one likes doing, and it opens the door for human error – citing a study by MIT that found 88% of spreadsheets contain errors.

[00:06:24] How leaders can approach developing, integrating and maintaining systems when they already feel incredibly overwhelmed.

[00:08:30] The importance of operations plans for actually staying on track with business goals and making them feel more sustainable.

[00:12:20] The importance of involving people who are affected by the changes you want to make in your business, discovering their needs and creating solutions together. Also empowering your team to give feedback in order to refine workflows and systems so that systems are evolving rather than becoming entrenched.

[00:15:00] Tips on how to hire systems people in your business when systems is not your genius zone.

[00:17:30] How when it comes to scaling in your business – that the work should be repeatable, but the person not replaceable. 

[00:22:45] The vital importance of having systems and workflows documented and allocating time for that, knowing that your current hire won’t be around forever.

[00:26:06] The importance of combining strategic planning and operations planning so that you are landing on the goal, but then actually have a plan to make that goal happen. How this can help staff feel more empowered knowing their daily grind is working towards the bigger picture plan.

[00:28:33] How developing effective workflows takes time, and the expectations that the first go should be perfect. How it’s necessary to allow time for systems to evolve and for workers to uncover best practices and the most effective ways of doing things.

[00:29:25] The potential of nurturing from within for operational hires and the importance of providing them with professional development, raises when it’s deserved and the space to take more on.

[00:30:35] Implementing systems as a solo show when there is not a lot of time, money or energy. How you either need to spend a bit of money, or add time in your schedule somewhere to prioritise this so that your business is sustainable long-term.

[00:34:55] Rachel speaks on her course ‘Stop Using Spreadsheets’  that teaches her 5-step process – and her mission to help people do what they do, but better.

[00:40:20] The purpose that flows through Rachel’s business – working only with social entrepreneurs and nonprofits doing good in the World.

[00:45:00] Rachel’s current leadership edge.

[00:49:00] Where to find more about Rachel and how you can work with her.

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Rachel’s professional development program for Ops and Admin professionals ‘Stop Using Spreadsheets’. Next enrollment April 2023: https://www.alignmentops.com/stop-using-spreadsheets-intensive 

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Rachel Flood is a technology enthusiast, operations consultant, and enterprise architect with over 20 years of experience in both for profit and non-profit settings. She is an adept systems thinker who offers courses, articles, and 1-1 services that help you put tech and systems to work so you can get out of spreadsheets, clear out the noise of disorganization, empower your staff, and free you from your never-ending to-do list!

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