45 – Professional Metamorphosis with Chela Davison

45 – Professional Metamorphosis with Chela Davison

In this episode, I share some massive shifts in my life’s work over the past couple of years through devices I use with clients – calling, seasonality and impact statement – in the hopes that it may contribute to your own unfolding’s. I discuss the four cornerstones of a calling, how mine has been evolving and personal experience of a “forced winter” to heal and do the inner work. An unexpected hobby that led to claiming a dream I’ve had since I was a child, and what this all means in terms of a decade’s body of work and what I’m doing with it in order to deeply heed this call.

Please tune in! I talk about….

  • What it feels like to have a calling and the Four Cornerstones that contribute to sustainably meeting that calling. With a thumb nose at Capitalism- get out of here with your grotesque manipulation of need!
  • The challenge and disorientation that can come when new dreams call and what I’ve been doing to properly take care of the work and life I’ve built. And why patience is a virtue, blah blah blah I’m impatient.
  • Working with seasonality in business, how I didn’t properly autumn and the painful burnout that came as a result. You’ve got to prepare for winter. Also sometimes we learn lessons over and over. You’ve got to prepare for winter. 
  • The unexpected hobby that changed everything and led me to claim a dream I’ve had since I was a child. (whoops, that just read like a BuzzFeed headline. It’s staying.)
  • Some nuance that “creating new” isn’t always a spring activity, how culmination and harvesting as autumnal practices are reverent acts of creation (and hard freaking work!).
  • The slow, steady gathering of over a decade’s body of work and what I’m doing with it. (okay, I don’t tell you everything, but I drop hints. Maybe I do know how to keep things on the down-low!)
  • I share my Impact Statement (a device used in LEAD, my group coaching program) and how I’m learning to more fully receive and cultivate courage in tender places. 
  • What it means to me to do right by the gifts I’ve been given and the power of owning who I am and what I’ve got. 
  • And, for anyone who is crawling out of their skin wanting more clarity on something, I don’t offer clarity. But I have some kind and wise words for you!

When I say that to do the outer work we’re here to do, we must do our inner work, I am not messing around!

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