43 – Unhook from unbearable standards and expectations

43 – Unhook from unbearable standards and expectations

Feeling personal-developed-OUT? Pounded with ways to progress, longing to just ‘be’? Done with morning routines – burning to pump the brakes on evolving for a single moment – so you can just sip your darn coffee in peace!?

I got a question recently about Standards and Expectations. Actually it wasn’t about that. It was about how to reignite the fire of practice when you’re feeling personal-developed-out. 

But as I read it, I could feel all those ways we are inundated with messages and pressure to be better, to be more evolved, to do all the things, when maybe…we don’t wanna?

It also made me think of an excerpt from one of the monologues in my solo show I’ve been working on. It’s still a draft and I’m nowhere near off book, but I thought, hey, why not read it for ya!? So watch/listen all the way through if you’re curious!

In this 13 min episode, I talk input detoxes, awareness of internal stories and remind you to check intentions when it comes to creating practices. I offer a practice to lean into what’s sufficient and set fire to standards!

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